Omni-Tek Command Organization

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The conflict on Rubi-Ka has been raging for many years now, since the ICC have given Omni-Tek a free license to mine Rubi-Ka for Notum. The truth is the hyper corporation is so dependant on the mineral notum that this single planet is the most important resource Omni-Tek possesses. Having patented nano-technology over 250 centuries ago, the company has grown into a monster with an astounding 282 billion employees. Its origin is unknown, what little is known about Omni-Tek is that it appeared in the late 22nd century. Although the current board of Directors is unknown for the most part, Philip Ross is known to be the chairman, he is a resident of Rubi-Ka and oversees all operations.

The company itself is divided into seven distinct departments:

Tasks: Police, military, guarding - the servants of the public.

Tasks: Special Operations, spying, assassinations - the antibodies of the company.

Tasks: Medical research, biotechnology, drugs - the seekers of knowledge.

Tasks: Social engineering, information, brainwashing - the teachers of the public.

Tasks: Administration, bureaucracy, diplomacy, trade - the nerves of society.

Tasks: Mining, extracting minerals, production - the workhorses of society.

Tasks: Transportation, teleporting, communication, infrastructure.

Although little is known about the inner workings of most of the departments, terrible stories have filtered through about the Omni-Reform techniques, and any Rebel captured by Omni-Pol is to be "re-educated". How much of an education they receive is open to debate.