Mayhem Offers 10 million reward to help with the return of President Dociceman
Posted by Kirrana

Mon 06th May 2002 12:00:00 Universal

Exhausted from yet another hard but fruitless search for his guild leader Dociceman, Prince "Morphex" Olveda was able to spend a few minutes answering a few questions. It appears as if the current investigation is going well but early believe that the clans may have taken Dociceman have proved unfounded. While Morphex was unable to give any clear details it does appear guild Mayhem is close to solving the issue and is to launch a full scale search and rescue operation this Wednesday.

In order to gain more support for this event into what is to be sure dangerous trial for all the guild Maymen has posted a 10 million credits reward, to be given to the first person to located Dociceman and give him any assistance including medical aid.

Kirrana: I have with me today General Morphex from the guild Mayhem to talk about the strange disappearance of the mayhem guild leader Dociceman. I guess we should start at the beginning of the story with the clan attack on H20 perhaps you could explain events from there ?

Morphex: Sure Kirrana. We had gotten reports about a small force of clanners raiding 2ho, so we mobilized our troops and gridded in to fight them back. As we were fighting more clan forces came in from the north, and it turned out to be a full scale battle of the small outpost, Dociceman had a group of Mayhem soldiers at the gate fighting off a small force of clanners when our scouts reported more clanners coming in from the south

I went to meet them, and while I was fighting just south of the grid, I suddenly lost contact with Dociceman. We finally fought of the clanners, but no signs of our leader. None of our members had seen him either after we lost contact with him. Investigation on the scene uncovered some blood that matched Dociceman's DNA, but no other signs of him. A quick scan of the area nearby didn't find anything either, not even a dead body

Kirrana: Oh and you suspect that the clans have taken him ?

Morphex: Well, that was one of our first leads.  But our engineers have managed to uncover parts of the Dociceman's last sentences, and though I cannot tell you anything about what he said yet, it does not indicate he has been taken by clans. But we did investigate that lead all weekend, searching some outposts on the north. And I must say that we have had a lot of help from Omni-Tek employees so far, that have knowledge of where the clans keep their prisoners. Thanks to them we could eliminate many possible theories

Kirrana: So did his message give any clues to whom or perhaps what was behind his disappearance, and have you been contacted about his return at all ?

Morphex: The messages have given us some clues, and that is why we are going to hold a search and rescue operation on Wednesday. We will publish the last sentences of Dociceman in a press release before the operation, and we hope to find him, alive. We also have some information of what happened to him before the disappearance, and we will use this info to put together a "first aid kit" of things we think he might need if we find him alive. As you may know there is a reward of 10 million credits to the person that find him and brings him this first aid kit.

Kirrana: I see so you do have a location of where he is likely to be held.

Morphex: Well, it is very vague... If we knew an exact location, we would just go get him ourselves, but it is a very large area, and that is why we are calling in more people to help us. I must say that I personally would prefer finding a body instead of not finding anything. At least it gives us an answer.

Kirrana: I am sure it must of been hard for you to leading the guild in this troubled time

Morphex: Yes it has been. But we have also been working hard on the investigation, so there has been enough to do for all of us.

Kirrana: A reward of 10 million I am sure the loyal Omni-Tek employes will be willing to help how should they go about this, contact you directly ?

Morphex: They can always contact me, I am on duty most of the day now, but they can also go to our website for updates and press releases. We will have a meeting at 18.00 CEST on Wednesday in Omni Ent at the platform outside the apartment complex before starting the operation too. We will publish the last info needed for the operation on our website on Wednesday

So the meeting in Omni Ent is volunteer. If someone wants to start the search at 18:00 they can do so without going to the meeting first. It is just a way for people to get questions answered before starting

Kirrana: Well thanks for taking the time to stop by and I hope your search for

 Docieman this Wednesday goes well and he is soon back with us

Morphex: So do I Kirrana, so do I

From Guns to Parties
Posted by Kirrana

Tue 30th April 2002 12:00:00 Universal

I am sure a lot of people have seen the now infamous Lev Rivers stag party video found on the illegal gridsites everywhere. But there is more to this man than just dancing with cakes, in fact Lev former assassin is one of Rubi_ka's most successful party hosts. We had a chance to caught up with Lev this week to find out a bit more about his work.  

Kirrana : Hello I have with me today Levrivers Former assassin now turned party host on Rubi-Ka. If I can start with saying this is quite a job change ?

Levrivers : Well when I arrived on Rubi-Ka at Omni-Tek I thought the war would be pretty outright from the word go. But it wasn't that good a deal later, as the war draw to a close. Omni-Tek weren't throwing me much work and the money was low, so I thought I would do what I do best and that is Party.

Hosting events paid so well I found I no longer needed to return to my old business

Kirrana :I am sure a few people might not have been to one of your parties yet would you just like to explain what your parties are like.

Levrivers : Well I have not had many complaints as yet so I would like to say that my parties are fun.  

Kirrana: I understand you had a party in park recently how did that go ?

Levrivers: Really Well, It was last Saturday (the 27th of April). I was kinda nervous since it was my sort of "comeback" party since ive been offworld for so long, but the night was spectacular! We had a dance competition, a best dressed competition and a few made up on the spot. With music and my sense of humour, it was a great time! ;) lol. 

I also try and theme my parties, to make them a bit more original, and the outside festival theme went off brilliantly, we had Gunloki and Shadowrunr DJing and they did a stunning set. The feedback we've got was all overwhelmingly positive, so im really happy everyone enjoyed themselves.

Kirrana: I see, talking of baboons I understand theres been a few changes around the club with the new owner Dave Diamondcut what can we hope to look forward to from the club ?

Levrivers: Well, Belle Rouge are the main bulk of the hired staff now. They're a dedicated set of people who make sure everyone has drinks, and also entertains through dancing for people and stuff. They're a class act. We're also hoping to get more parties going soon now. Im doing a stand-up comedy night at the Rompa soon, but after that i'm gonna do some really original parties at baboons, get the place packed out once again 

Kirrana: But there is talk of Dave being behind a gun running operation do you have any comments on that front

Levrivers: A gun running operation? *me raises his eyebrows* Why no! I can honestly say ive never seen him talk about guns or selling anything! Its just all speculation and rumour because he's open to letting anyone (clan, omni or neut) enjoy themselves in Baboons, and he employs a neutral, like me, so its bound to get some people making wild accusations ;)

Kirrana: Oh a comedy night sounds interesting can you tell us more about it, ?

Levrivers: Well, after talking to some friends, i found out some people, like Baxie and Fjos have a hidden talent for jokes. I'm still looking for my 3rd comedian, and in two weeks time i'll be compere of the night and introduce them to hopefully a packed club and an audience ready for some hilarious jokes.

Kirrana: Well that sounds like a lot of fun, but I bet its not all fun do you find arranging the parties hard work ?

Levrivers: Well its little price to pay for everyone else not having the burden. All people who turn up do is enjoy themselves, which is my aim. But its not all that bad. Organizing means promoting, and promoting means i get to go to lots of different guild meetings and tell them all about my upcoming party, it makes me feel like a celebrity out on tour doing that. And since its only once every few weeks, its not too heavy on my RnR.  Its worth it in the end, when a party is good, its worth any amount of planning

Kirrana: So what does the future for Levrivers hold and major plans here on Rubi-ka ?

Levrivers: Well, im hoping me and my wife (Purity) find a nice apartment somewhere in Rubika.... I still live in Borealis and the Omni-Admin seems to be filled up to the brim with red tape, so thats a future plan. Also im gonna go freelance, with an intranet site to showcase my talent and if people wanna hire me, they can! :) Its also my birthday in May, so will have a huge bash that hopefully all my friends will come to. May should be a really busy month for me 

Levrivers: Im also hoping to get my "Lev Rivers - Action Figures" in the stores soon. Levrivers: Im also thinking of getting into the acting business, but i'll keep a bit more tight lipped about that for the moment 

Kirrana: Ok well ok thanks for allowing me the time to interview you and I hope you future parties go well.

Levrivers: Thanks Kirrana, it was fun talking to you  and i hope to see everyone soon at my next party!