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  Philip Ross  
Personal Details
Full Name : Philip Ross
Alias : Ross
Gender : Male
Species : Solitus
Age : 60
Hair : Grey
Marital Status : Unknown 
Partner : Unknown 
Additional Information
Place Of Birth unknown
Address Omni HQ Apartments
Job Chairman of the Board
Employed Omni-Tek Board 
Faction Omni-Tek
Guild Chairman of the Board
Favorite Drink Hit The Floor Jacks
Hobbies Chess
Mr Ross is a tall, middle-aged man. He is extremely ambitious; his prime objectives are to keep Omni-Tek's position as the most successful company in the universe, and to acquire a steadily increasing market share. Ross is well-known to do whatever he thinks necessary to gain power and wealth, both on behalf of the company and himself. He is also very cynical, and uses everyone as a means to maximize profits.Omni-Tek means more to him than any human ever has.

Although he lives in the penthouse of the Omni-Tek Headquarters in the Capital Omni-One, his life-style is simple and disciplined. The company IS his life. He is cruel and efficient without any time for unnecessary luxury, just like the company he is leading.

Philip Ross is tall and thin. His hair is short-cropped. The eyes are gray and deeply set. The chairman is always clothed in a simple, yet elegant way. He is meticulously clean-shaven. Not very muscular, he still emanates power. There are rumors that he has several powerful Symbio-Tek implants