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Omni-Tek Guilds.
Below is a list of the active Omni-Tek guilds click the picture to see the guild Profile.

Name: Enigma
Department: Omni-InternOp

Name: R.S.G.E Division 9
Department: Omni-InternOp
R.S.G.E [Rational Science & Genotype Enforcement] - Division9 was formed with the goals and ideals of Omni-TekŪ in mind. This elite division has been mustered to provide Rubi-Ka with protection and enforcement of law regarding technology, social reform, political infrastructure and genetic purity. This unit has been assigned to seek out those who defy the law and order established by Omni-TekŪ.

Name: The White Rose
Department: Omni-InternOp

Name: Great Paladine Core
Department: Omni-InternOp
Our objective are to protect Omni-Tek from terrorists i.e. Dust Brigade, Red Freedom etc. Protect Omni-Tek from other corporations, like TruSpace and Sol Banking Corporation. We also protect Omni-Tek from itself. We don't want things like the atempted assassination on CEO Phillip Ross to happen again.

Name: Gridstream
Department: Entertainment
Providing Rubi-Ka with live audio entertainment via our streaming server:


Name: Devil's Advocate
Department: Omni-Med
We enjoy doing events and rping with each other. Some events are more lighthearted like parties and such, others are a bit more....