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  R.S.G.E Division 9  
Guild Information
Guild Name: R.S.G.E. [Division9]
Department : Omni-InternOp:
Founded  : 2301
Faction : Omni-Tek
Leader : Lane "Tredge" Cornelius
Government : Department
Guild Uniform : Executive/InterOps Omni-Tek clothes
Politic Groups :  
Guild Description
R.S.G.E. [Division9] is an elite force distributed amongst the many departments of Omni-Tek. We seek to insure prosperity for all on Rubi-Ka


Guild Objective
Ensuring purity and mind at a time


Guild Statement
R.S.G.E [Rational Science & Genotype Enforcement] - Division9 was formed with the goals and ideals of Omni-Tek. in mind. This elite division has been mustered to provide Rubi-Ka with protection and enforcement of law regarding technology, social reform, political infrastructure and genetic purity. This unit has been assigned to seek out those who defy the law and order established by Omni-Tek


Guild History & Battle Honors
As civilization amongst the stars continues to thrive, as it has for the past few millenia, mankind becomes less and less pure. The people of Rubi-Ka too have seen such change -- and with this change has come a share of chaos, impurity and socio-political dyfunction. Because of the introduction of mutant activity and genetic enhancement of species, Omni-Tekô issued Directive #XG49-09-RSGE in the year 29473, which established the formation of an elite division that would combat issues such dysfunction.

Initially, this group was made up solely of meta-physicists and doctors seeking to determine the "purity of code"...however, this approach became too cumbersome and served little purpose in the "cleansing" of Rubi-Ka. In 29475, Chairman Ross, by order redefined Directive #XG49-09-RSGE, providing depth to the purpose. Now, not only would there be a research arm, but with this reorganization, a corporate and military wing. Upon this charge Division9 of Omni-Tekô created additional deparments: Central Intelligence, Covert Operations, Quick Response, Special Forces and Trade Services. Under the leadership of General "Barzillai" Craddock, additional departments have been added as well.


Guild Leaders Ranks


Rank Appointment Profile
Lane "Tredge" Cornelius General



Reynaldo "Barron" Thompon General General Nope
Glen "Barzillai" Craddock Genera Genera Nope
Devin "Zameus" Matusz Sq Com Sq Com Nope
Malcom "Whaasabi" Ardman Sq Com Sq Com Nope