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  Great Paladine Core

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Guild Information
Guild Name: Great Paladine Core
Department : Omni-InternOp
Founded  : 29574
Faction : Omni-Tek
Leader : Silver "Equimon" Thompon
Government : Department
Guild Uniform : White Trench Coats
Politic Groups : None
Guild Description
Great Paladine Core is a multi Division guild covering the different aspects of work on Omni-Tek. Its prime concern is the defense of Omni-Tek rights on Rubi-Ka its divisions include G.P.C. Command, Public Relations, Special Forces, Explore & Navigate, Medical Services, Research & Intel, Covert Ops, Trade & Supply, Treasure Hunters.


Guild Objective
Our objective are to protect Omni-Tek from terrorists i.e. Dust Brigade, Red Freedom etc. Protect Omni-Tek from other corporations, like TruSpace and Sol Banking Corporation. We also protect Omni-Tek from itself. We don't want things like the attempted assassination on CEO Phillip Ross to happen again.


Guild Statement
Taking the fight to the Dustmen, one unit at a time!!


Guild History & Battle Honors
Great Paladine Core was created late October month, the year of 29574, last year. (late last October, 2001 real life time :)), Initially our faction went under the name Galactic Peacekeeping Corps, but was later changed to Great Paladine Core, as we removed, if you like that word instead of the truth, from the mother corporation, Galactic Peacekeeping Corporation, to better suit our goals, and to serve Omni-Tek, instead of observing them on behalf of ICC.

We are a sturdy flow of people, that serves Omni-Tek every day trough our words or actions. Our actions are direct and right on. What I personally have experienced is that while some clansmen can speak for them , they seems to be under control by a corrupt hand. The Council of Truth they call themselves. Clans all of them. Under leadership of Henry Radiman. It wouldn't surprise me if they made all those mutants that roam free around on Rubi-Ka. The only safe spots on Rubi-Ka that is mutant-free is in the cities, due to strict guarding. A short time ago Omni-Tek offered an unconditional amnesty for clans members. While some clans members have gotten jobs and such after this amnesty, it seems that clansmen's are more eager now than ever to kill Omni-Tek employees and destroy Omni-Tek owned possessions. When this is said all of you must understand that this can't be tolerated in the long length.

All I have left to say is that clans will vanish. Omni-Tek will prevail. We bring order and unity!!

Our recent actions/co-ops with Omni-Tek have been:

- The protection of Omni-Tek, while they searched Sabulum, a town north in Perpetual Wastelands. Omni-Tek later abandoned the Sabulum Operation, cause of action by the clans, as well as the Dust Brigade. Later that week, Omni-Tek ended the non-conditional  Amnesty for all clansmen, affected immediately. 

- President Equimon arrest a Drug Dealer outside the Bronto Burger in O-1 Entertainment. Shots here.
- A GPC task force apprehended one Insomnias Shades for questioning and to be tested by Omni-Med for illegal substances. They found nothing and he was therefore set free. Rumors have that he has been seen near the clan cities, and have left Omni-Tek. I've received several messages from him claiming that there was no option for him, since he got constantly harassed in Omni-1, by most civilians as well as Omni-Pol itself. He still remains a good source of information though. Shots here.



Guild Leaders Ranks


Rank Appointment Profile
Silver "Equimon" Thompon General



Sid "Simonsays" Gabriel General Vice President Nope
Millard "Glazz" Dupaski General Div Com Nope
Dillon "Zukuz" Ginsberg General Div Com Nope
Jamar "Fatfarm" Shenkel General Div Com Nope