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  Ivan Sergevich  
Personal Details
Full Name : Ivan Sergeyich
Alias : Ivan
Gender : Male
Species : Solitus
Age : 50
Hair : Black
Marital Status : Unknown 
Partner : Unknown 
Additional Information
Place Of Birth unknown
Address Omni HQ Omni-Pol Apartments
Job Director of Omni-Pol
Employed Omni-Pol 
Faction Omni-Tek
Guild Chairman of the Board
Favorite Drink Hit The Floor Jacks
Hobbies Golf
Ivan Sergeyich is a well-built, heavyset man, the kingpin of the Omni-Pol forces. He is clean-shaven, with the exception of a large Stalin-like moustache. On his stocky, short fingers, he has a tendency to wear Liberace-like rings, but of the less glitzy kind. He is very strict about keeping his nails, and some of them are Symbio implants made of metal.

Sergeyich has a red and bloated face, probably as a result of his love for vodka. He doesn't mind stepping into the interrogation room himself. Several people have been lost due to his tough interrogation methods. This has, naturally, given him the nickname "Ivan, the Man of Steel."