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From Guns to Parties
Posted by Kirrana

Tue 30th April 2002 12:00:00 Universal

I am sure a lot of people have seen the now infamous Lev Rivers stag party video found on the illegal gridsites everywhere. But there is more to this man than just dancing with cakes, in fact Lev former assassin is one of Rubi_ka's most successful party hosts. We had a chance to caught up with Lev this week to find out a bit more about his work.  

Kirrana : Hello I have with me today Levrivers Former assassin now turned party host on Rubi-Ka. If I can start with saying this is quite a job change ?

Levrivers : Well when I arrived on Rubi-Ka at Omni-Tek I thought the war would be pretty outright from the word go. But it wasn't that good a deal later, as the war draw to a close. Omni-Tek weren't throwing me much work and the money was low, so I thought I would do what I do best and that is Party.

Hosting events paid so well I found I no longer needed to return to my old business

Kirrana :I am sure a few people might not have been to one of your parties yet would you just like to explain what your parties are like.

Levrivers : Well I have not had many complaints as yet so I would like to say that my parties are fun.  

Kirrana: I understand you had a party in park recently how did that go ?

Levrivers: Really Well, It was last Saturday (the 27th of April). I was kinda nervous since it was my sort of "comeback" party since ive been offworld for so long, but the night was spectacular! We had a dance competition, a best dressed competition and a few made up on the spot. With music and my sense of humour, it was a great time! ;) lol. 

I also try and theme my parties, to make them a bit more original, and the outside festival theme went off brilliantly, we had Gunloki and Shadowrunr DJing and they did a stunning set. The feedback we've got was all overwhelmingly positive, so im really happy everyone enjoyed themselves.

Kirrana: I see, talking of baboons I understand theres been a few changes around the club with the new owner Dave Diamondcut what can we hope to look forward to from the club ?

Levrivers: Well, Belle Rouge are the main bulk of the hired staff now. They're a dedicated set of people who make sure everyone has drinks, and also entertains through dancing for people and stuff. They're a class act. We're also hoping to get more parties going soon now. Im doing a stand-up comedy night at the Rompa soon, but after that i'm gonna do some really original parties at baboons, get the place packed out once again 

Kirrana: But there is talk of Dave being behind a gun running operation do you have any comments on that front

Levrivers: A gun running operation? *me raises his eyebrows* Why no! I can honestly say ive never seen him talk about guns or selling anything! Its just all speculation and rumour because he's open to letting anyone (clan, omni or neut) enjoy themselves in Baboons, and he employs a neutral, like me, so its bound to get some people making wild accusations ;)

Kirrana: Oh a comedy night sounds interesting can you tell us more about it, ?

Levrivers: Well, after talking to some friends, i found out some people, like Baxie and Fjos have a hidden talent for jokes. I'm still looking for my 3rd comedian, and in two weeks time i'll be compere of the night and introduce them to hopefully a packed club and an audience ready for some hilarious jokes.

Kirrana: Well that sounds like a lot of fun, but I bet its not all fun do you find arranging the parties hard work ?

Levrivers: Well its little price to pay for everyone else not having the burden. All people who turn up do is enjoy themselves, which is my aim. But its not all that bad. Organizing means promoting, and promoting means i get to go to lots of different guild meetings and tell them all about my upcoming party, it makes me feel like a celebrity out on tour doing that. And since its only once every few weeks, its not too heavy on my RnR.  Its worth it in the end, when a party is good, its worth any amount of planning

Kirrana: So what does the future for Levrivers hold and major plans here on Rubi-ka ?

Levrivers: Well, im hoping me and my wife (Purity) find a nice apartment somewhere in Rubika.... I still live in Borealis and the Omni-Admin seems to be filled up to the brim with red tape, so thats a future plan. Also im gonna go freelance, with an intranet site to showcase my talent and if people wanna hire me, they can! :) Its also my birthday in May, so will have a huge bash that hopefully all my friends will come to. May should be a really busy month for me 

Levrivers: Im also hoping to get my "Lev Rivers - Action Figures" in the stores soon. Levrivers: Im also thinking of getting into the acting business, but i'll keep a bit more tight lipped about that for the moment 

Kirrana: Ok well ok thanks for allowing me the time to interview you and I hope you future parties go well.

Levrivers: Thanks Kirrana, it was fun talking to you  and i hope to see everyone soon at my next party! 


Operation Watchful Shadow
Posted by Kirrana

Tue 30th April 2002 12:00:00 Universal

In a rushed meeting called by General Telion at Omni HQ we where given details on the progress Omni-Pol has made into the Dust Brigade. Two suspects Jinler and Vixxen from the group known as  the Sons of Ashes  where said to be linked to the Dust brigade. In an effort to bring these people to justice he requested that the Omni-Guilds support Omni-Pol in the area of operation. Below is a transcript from the meeting. 

  Diphead: is this important meeting?
Telion nods

Telion shouts: I hope you all don't mind if I dispense with the pleasantries and formalities. Omni intelligence has recently passed along information to my office that gives us a very solid rock to stand on to pursue our investigations of the actions of the Dust Brigade supporters into Clan lands.

Telion shouts: We have recently intercepted several grid-coms through a recent endeavour we call 'Operation Watchful Shadow'.

Telion shouts: The grid-coms are between two suspected cell members of the group calling itself the 'Sons of the Ashes'. This group, while we believe it is not a core element of the Dust Brigade, it is nevertheless important to continued low-key operations in many communities across Rubi-ka, both Omni and Clan.

Telion shouts: The two suspects in the conversation, 'Jinler' and 'Vixxen' are both believed to be in somewhat of a leadership role in the Sons.

Telion shouts: From what we can gather from the transcript they have bases of operation in at least two locations.

Telion shouts: One we believe is the small town of Hope in the Mort region. The other is as yet unknown.

Telion shouts: To these facts, both Omni-Adm and Omni-Pol have discussed these matters and shortly Omni-Pol will be sending a large squad of officers and investigatorss into Hope to find any individuals associated with the Sons as well as information leading to other Sons or Dust Brigade activity.

Telion shouts: Omni would like to make one thing clear to all its employees. This will not be Sabulum, it is not a military operation. However with that said we will not waver and we will not cease until we have arrested each and every individual who stands with our enemies.

Telion shouts: To the Clans I say this. Some may cite the Tir Accords as a defense to us investigating this renegades. I however say to your, this investigation is within our legal rights. Under the Tir Accord, Omni may execute any investigations it deems necessary in the interest of coporate security.

Telion shouts: We will not tolerate any interference. We will not negotiate and we will not spend endless hours in a futile attempt to bring this investigation to a conclusion with the assistance of the Council. We have choosen to travel this path, fate help those who stand in the way of Omni.

Telion looks out over the crowd with a grim look on his face.

Telion shouts: To this effect, I call upon all Omni citizens to help oversee our operations in Hope and around Mort, and assist our officers and investigators as they carry out their mission.

Telion shouts: I will now answer questions on this situation. Please let the last question to be answered before asking another.

Xyberviri shouts: What about Certain Omni-Tek Guilds are working with the Dustbrigade, I have proof that serveral are.

Telion shouts: Yes?

Diphead: where is this dust broge

Telion shouts: Their base is located in the Outzone as far as our intelligence indicates.

Cormiacru shouts: When will this happen?

Telion shouts: We will have need of Omni employees throughout this investigation. In addition, there will without a doubt be complications, as this will not be a quick and easy operations.

Daetona shouts: What are the specifics? To apprehend Jinler, and Vixxen, or to take them out?

Lowpro shouts: General, Sir. So what exactly do we do..? we go to mort and kill people..?

Telion shouts: We will be going after any who may be working with or within the Sons cell

Watford shouts: Can you give us an estimated time for the operation please?

Telion shouts: As I said, intially we will be investigating Hope, however the length of the operation is not yet known. I call upon all loyal Omni employees to remain vigilant

Xyberviri shouts: What is Omni-Tek's position on Our Guilds working with the Dust Briagde

Telion shouts: The coming days will no doubt be filled with need for those with loyalty and strength.

Xyberviri shouts: What is Omni-Tek's position on Our Guilds working with the Dust Briagde?

Telion shouts: Omni-Tek forces are assembling for transport to the town. I expect they will be deployed within the next 2 hours.

Telion shouts: Cooperation with the Dust Brigade is unacceptable.

Sueldan shouts: Telion than what will be done to the omni guilds helping the DB?

Telion shouts: Any department found working with the Dust Brigade will be investigated and appropriate action taken.

Xyberviri shouts: So if there is Proof that some Omni-Tek personal are working with them, then what will happen?

Telion shouts: Each department will be examined on a case by case basis.

Steelwulf shouts: Sir Telion why not just flaten the town and be done with it. They gave us no Investigation before killing many of our people

Telion shouts: Steelwulf: We are better than they are. We will conduct ourselves with honor and morality.

Chagidiel: Sir, does this operation need only fighting men, or is there a need for a spiritual guidance, like my self, at the locations mentioned?

Telion shouts: Guidance such as that is always needed in times like this that try men's souls.

Xyberviri shouts: Will Omni-Tek Expelle them into Clan Lands, people are supposed to choose sides and Yet we have a Whole Guild that Openly Kills our employee's, What about the 50+ person Massacure in The rompa bar last night

Telion shouts: You should arrange transport within your individual departments.

Telion shouts: Investiagtions into the recent firefights within Omni are under investiation.

Telion shouts: 'Jinler' and 'Vixxen' are the two we are most actively searching for.

Xyberviri shouts: Omni-Tek seems to only protect us when it suits the Corperation

Telion shouts: I do not need a lecture from you Xyberviri. You may leave if you so wish, but I will not tolerate such outburts.

Telion shouts: I have come here to say what I needed to.

Telion shouts: Those loyal to Omni have their orders and are on the move.





Dancing with Wolfs an Open interview with Tobiaswolff
Posted by Kirrana

Mon 22th April 2002 12:00:00 Universal

I had the chance to interview Tobiaswolff the former guild guild leader of Blackwolf ops who sudden departure from the guild was the cause of many rumors. Tobias took the time to set the record straight about events leading up to this, reveals details on Methlons plan for the neutrals and discuss his own future plans.

Kirrana: Tobias their has been a lot of questions raised over your step down in the guild Blackwolf Ops perhaps you would like to start by explaining the issue to kill off the growing rumors

Tobiaswolff: Thank you for the offer to explain myself Kirrana. You are the first to make such a gesture. There are several reasons for my departure from Blackwolff Operations. First and foremost the night it happened I feared I had made enemies with the now much more peaceful TBA.

In doing so I did not want to hurt the Wolves by having us become a target because of my rather short fuse with Methlon that evening. The Wolves are a strong group, but alone would be crushed by the TBA, or SA, or whatever they wished to be called now.

My second reason is that the Wolves themselves have changed quite a bit since they first formed. The group itself is very large and has lost that close knit family feeling. We have new and very strong leadership within the Wolves. Many of us no longer saw eye to eye, so I stepped down from my position and left.

The Wolves will do fine, it was their team effort that made the group so successful, none of the leaders could ever possibly take the credit for their success alone.

Kirrana: May I ask what you did to TBA and SA to get them so upset ?

Tobiaswolff: As for what Methlon and I spoke of that night, I was meeting with a member of the Independent Rubikans for a drink. I will keep her name secret, but Methlon approached and harassed her so I did my best to put him in his place.

Methlon was spouting his normal rhetoric of anti Omni-Tek slogans. And he did mention that the TBA, at least at this juncture two weeks ago, was planning on burning Newland to the ground. He also said any who opposed them would be destroyed. I am sure you have heard it all before Kirrana.

Kirrana: Yes sadly it seems he is copying the Dust Brigade now with the Ashes to Ashes remark do you believe he might be linked to them ?

Tobiaswolff: I believe he's simply using Dust Brigade slogans and propaganda to gain more attention from the press. The Dust Brigade would have nothing to do with such an obvious pseudo-Clanner.

Kirrana: True enough going back to your guild it must of been very hard to step down from the guild you built, I understand SA and TBA threats but did you plans for the future come into the mix at all ?

Tobiaswolff: Well, yes it did. My future plans entailed helping bring peace, order, and above all else unity back to Omni-1. To do this, I feel we have to deal with the TBA and SA. We have tried mincing words and I think almost everyone in Omni territory agrees the only way they will ever listen to someone is through brute force.

But sadly many organizations that do not support the terrorists choose ignorance over action and simply watch the atrocities being committed, and talk about it at Baboons or Rompas. Many of the Wolves felt the same way. My ideas were creating problems within the organization.

I could of simply said, "Well since I am leading you can all follow or leave," But I am not Methlon. I respect and care for each member of Blackwolff Operations and as it turns out it was best that I take my views elsewhere instead of trying to force them upon the membership.

Kirrana: But is not using force against Methlon just what he wants, after all force never worked against TBA why would it work against SA ?

Tobiaswolff: Besides one assault conducted by Division 9 and Omni-Pol, I do not recall any use of force against the TBA.

Kirrana: I see you have joined the Praetorian guards and I am sure a few people would have follow you over from Blackwolf is this causing and problems btween the guilds ?

Tobiaswolff: Actually no, Xae was the only one. That is, Agent Xaeberane. The Wolves are loyal to their outfit, not any one person, except of course Phillip Ross. In the greater scheme of things I mean so very little. As I said before, they will survive and triumph.

Kirrana: Ok my final question apart from the issue of Methlon what are your plans here on Rubi-Ka

Tobiaswolff: First and foremost to help unite Omni-1. If action must be taken against the SA then so be it. However, I for one am willing to forgive and forget past transgressions so we can focus on the ever growing threat of the Clans. I will serve Omni-Tek with distinction until I am no longer able to return to a living body.

Kirrana: Well thank you Tobias for allowing me to interview you I wish you well for the future

Tobiaswolff: And thank you Kirrana for your interest in my story.

Illegal Stims on the Ross's Door Step
Posted by Kirrana

Sun 21th April 2002 12:00:00 Universal

While sat in the lounge of the Rompa Bar Friday night chatting away with a few friends I was approached by Franklyn Relix Phare. He was a small shady man, just a pale face peering out from a mound of cloth. 

"Would you like to buy an stims miss" his dry voice crackled at me.

I guess I should have been a bit more alert than I was. I should have taken him up on his offer to at least see what he was offering, but I thought nothing of it. I let the moment pass and he moved onto another booth to see his wares.

I few moments later the atmosphere of a pleasant evening was broken up by the sounds of two Omni-Pol Officers boots clicking towards the small shady man Relix. The Pols where accompanied by a young lady, a previous receipt of Relix's sales pitch. But she was fair more observant than I was and saw Relix for what he was an illegal Stim salesman's.

"There he is " said Ayvalen the young lady that had discovered Relix plans and had rightly informed Omni-Pol.

Officer Nagumo informed Relix of the charge selling illegal stims and requested a body search to discover if their was any truth in the matter. Relix relising he was busted made a run for it but unluckily the vast bulk of the Atrox PartyBoy was blocking his escaped. Officer Cartell placed a heavy hand on Relix shoulder while he was search for the illegal Stims.
Relix is lead away under heavy Omni-Pol Guard

The search turned up a number illegal hacked stims which was enough to place the Crimeinal under arrest. Relix was then marched to Omni HQ where is was charged and held pending his trial.

Well done to the sharp eyes of Ayyalen for helping to make the Streets of Omni Ent a safer place to be.


Clan Day a Day of Shame and the Start of War
Posted by Kirrana

Fri 19th April 2002 12:00:00 Universal

It is not often that after returning to my apartment from a hard days work, while drawing a cold drink from the fridge I can reflect on a real day of history. Today was one of those days but sadly for the wrong reasons.

What was suppose to be a clan celebration, a time for them to reflect on pass events turned in something much different. We had the warnings from Omni-Tek to respect the clan event, and notice from Radiman about keeping the event low key. They hinted at the underlying tension on the planet but even they could not have guessed at the horror to unfold.

After Clan day draw to a close rather than retire back to their homes they unleashed a planned and coordinated attacking in 2H0 in great strength. Having been beating back once by a force lead by Commander Scarny they turned to come back in even larger numbers. This was not a few rouge guilds this was a well planned attack featuring clan members from all guilds.

After a few hours the battle for H20 was over but the days battle was from at an end. Reports where flooding in on another clan force gathering in Omni Ent south. Lead by the Clan leader Redruum an assorted force rushed through Omni Entertain spreading chaos killing anyone standing in there path. The target of course was Omni HQ the force quickly overpowered the guards holding the bridge and rushed in. 

The alarm was heard as an echo throughout Omni Tek, a call to arms to protect our capital the very life of Ross could be in danger. The clans where locked in a bitter fight but slowly making there way to the center of Omni HQ. Fearing the Clans where gaining a foothold the Omni-Tek warriors charged the lines. The clans where beaten back before their goal was reached by it did come at a high price.

Even as this battle died down the day was not at an end, a large clan force still in the grid poured through into Trade the center of Omni-Teks wealth. In a scene of horror to be replayed again and again on vid screens all over the planet the clans attacked. I cover my eyes shouting for restraint as the blows from the clan swords fell on the shop keepers. Moving from one tradesman's to the next the clans spared no one, simple armour traders where cut down aside the guards bravely trying to fight back but clearly out numbered. 

This was not a battle this was plain and simple murder and added to events already was just to much for many. The anger of this last atrocity coursing through their blood the Omni-Tek guilds demanded a counter attack and flooded on the streets of Tir cutting down their guards. 

This did little to quell the anger for this unjustified day of clan attacks. This was not a random event, a few clan fools fueled by cheap alcohol. This was a pre-planned attack on a day whom significance will not go unnoticed. For many the world as been change for ever by this event.

As I sink to the floor in my apartment for rest, my mind replaying the events of the day it is clear Radiman has lost control of the Clans. The chance for peace, the time for talking has passed. We are faced with the very real prospect of all out war with clans who seemed hell bent on bring Omni-Tek down this day. Today our guard high was and it must remain so for a fear this is not the end of the clan attacks.

Reporting on a day in History.

TBA turn over a new leaf ?
Posted by Kirrana

Wed, 17th April 2002 12:00:00 Universal

It is turning out to be quiet a week in TBA, we have already seen an number of guilds leave in dispute of its changing views on Omni-Pol. But in an official statement from Azazzel he has given validity  to a complete change in TBA policy.

In a show of almost open hands to the other guilds in Omni-Tek Azazzel has announced that he and TBA are putting aside their differences with Omni-Pol and Philip Ross at least in the mean time. He has stated that TBA are now fully focused on the Clan issue and will leave the internal politics in Omni-Tek to the conference table after the clan situation is under control.

The news was accepted by most of the Omni-Tek guilds but most guilds are holding a back a full acceptance of this new stance. This is not the first time TBA have rejoined the fold, a similar view was expressed after TBA captured Portman. But only a few month later the attacks on Omni-Pol started. 

Only time will tell but I think this time TBA means it and we should allowed them to show us they have changed for the good of Omni Tek it nothing else.

Clan Day End in Wars at H20
Posted by Kirrana

Wed, 17th April 2002 12:00:00 Universal

What was billed as a peaceful celebration was turned into a sea of violence an all-out war launched at Omni-Tek by the clans. Under strict orders not to enter clan land the Omni-Tek population was under a sense of curfew restricted to Omni-Tek land. It was certain they gave no cause for the clan day celebration to turn so ugly.

But after what was a peaceful event large number clan personal perhaps fueled on cheap alcohol from the event turned to attack the Omni-Tek Complex at H20. Large number of clan warriors where repeatedly taking control of the complex only to be beaten back. A large Omni-Tek force was brought together under the command of Commander Scarny but also included Azazzel's TBA, Meisters Omni-Pol force. Members of numerous guilds from Omni-Teks finest where also present.

After a bitter battle the clan warriors where beaten off and hunted down and H20 was secure. But it did not last to long, the Clans returned in greater force, a high level Clan NT cleared a path around the grid for the landing of a major clan invasion. 

The Omni-Tek forces where unprepared for a force of this scale coming through, while fighting bravely they were forced back in Omni Entertainment to regroup. The clan held a thin line around H20 while more troops poured in via the grid. Fearing H20 would be lost to the clans, the gathered Omni-Tek forces charged the Clan lines breaking an opening. The gap in the clan lines forced open by the brave Omni warriors enabled them to pour more troops in.

With sides even the battle raged in H20 the air seemed almost on fire as nanos were fired from one side or the other. At points mass scraps took place it was hard to tell who was fighting whom but also person fights, close 1 to 1 battle also took place unnoticed by many. Swords sliced through the air which became hot and stuffy with constant weapon fire and exploding nanos. A fleet of meta physics pets ranged overhead flying back and forth as embraced in some deadly dance.

But soon the Omni-Tek forces started to overwhelmed the clan by the increasing numbers  of troops pouring through the wompa. Scarny was seen leading a unit to smash the line and take control of the grid bring the battle to its conclusion. While Omni-Tek won the battle their was not sense of victory. We looked at each other in shock of the clan action, and the knowledge that events on Rubi-Ka will now be very different. 

This was not the action of a very drunken clan members this was a planned event, the date to precious to go unnoticed. Radiman and the COT had better explain, and bring to book these clan members a lot of eyes are now focused in his direction. 

Clan Day April 18th Omni-Tek Manual Labourer's Guild 
Posted by Kirrana

Wed, 17th April 2002 12:00:00 Universal

With the Clan Day of the founding Manual Labourer's guild looming this saturday may will be disappointed to learn that The council is not arranging the traditional march through Tir. The reasons as give by Radiman was a fear the clans may be accused of inciting to violence, and we do not wish to jeopardize an already fragile situation.

A press statement issued by the Omni-Tek Corporation has urged the clans to celebrate but with restraint. 

"We will be watching out for any and all anti Omni-Tek actions in light of this so-called ‘celebrative’ event," reads the statement, which was released to the media only a few minutes ago. "While Omni-Tek has no desire to interrupt orderly gatherings, we will not tolerate civil disobedience or a disruption of the general peace. Any such actions will be dealt with by use of whatever force necessary."

We hope the events will take place in peace, and no action will be necessary by Omni-Tek forces. But tension between the Clans and Omni-Tek is already on a knife edge this event could well we the catalyst to lead to all out war.

The biggest worry comes from the outside groups such as Redruum, TBA and Methlon who are sure to try and highjack the event to further there own causes. Both Omni-Tek and Clans forces will have to be on the toes during this day.


Omni-Tek Politics 
Posted by Kirrana

Mon, 15th April 2002 12:00:00 Universal

As you might have heard already Methlon of Sinister Anarchists joined the TBA an few months ago but as reported in the news this week he split away from the group. The reason behind this has been difference of option in leadership of the Alliance. There is little doubting both Azazzels and Methlons charisma in leadership with both seem larger than life personalities. It was only a matter of time before power sharing became an issue, the Alliance was just to small to hold these powerhouses in agreement. It was only a matter of time before they went different ways.

The issue seems to have arisen around Omni-Pol with Azazzels more leintant views on Omni-Tek police force not being to Methlons liking. But its not all one sided I am sure Methlon open fondness for the rebel clan leader Redruum. Methlons close working relationship always seemed at odds with TBA anti clan stance its a wonder they worked together for so long.

The Sinister Anarchists where not the only guild to leave Cayll the leader of Atrum Consensio also withdraw his support. At present Methlon and Cayll have forged an new understanding between their two guilds perhaps the first steps on the way to creating a new Alliance.

Life at the Top 
Posted by Kirrana

Fri, 12th April 2002 12:00:00 Universal

It appears life at the top of guilds is not as easy as many would think perhaps the demands from guild members become to much. Or internal splits in the guild creates an atmosphere which forces people out. Maybe they wish for a simple life to retire from public duty. 

But there can be no doubt as to the pressure these people are under but this week has seen the pressure become too much for two people. This week Mr. Cornelius left the consultation firm Bateman & Fletcher on a similar step down Tobiaswolff leader of the Blackwolff Ops also stepped down. 

There are rumors abound as to the cause of these changes but nothing is being said on the public front as to the real reasons. But I would be surprised if we have heard the last of these two people on the public front, I am also sure they will be many more changes in guild leadership over the coming years. 

Gun Running 
Posted by Kirrana

Fri, 12th April 2002 12:00:00 Universal

We have heard in the past about the rising problem with crime but most of the reports have focused on the random attacks of guards or the petty unorganized crime. But there is an underlying evil that stalks the pathways in Omni-Tek. What seems like a few separate accidents is in fact the work of an organized and very dangerous group.

A large part of their operation appears to be gun running, we have Robbie K reporting on the increase in dangerous weapons appearing on streets in the hands of normal citizens.  The dangerous illegal weapons such as Gamma Ejectors and Mausser Chemical Streamer which harm not only the victims but also the chemical damage hurts the environment. 

I can report only a few weeks ago an arms convoy going through 4 holes was attacked. Even though the convoy was guarded by a number of Omni-Tek guilds they where unable to prevent the capture of two ships. The signs where this raid was well planned, they new the shipment routes time etc, and disappeared in the grid before Omni-Pol could track them.

Only a few days after I had reports of a number of fixers running arms through the grid. An under cover source tracked one of these fixers who appeared to be running guns between Omni Entertainment and Newland. My greatest fear is these arm dealers are supplying factions in neutral  land like the Vandelmar Consortium which could be in league with the Dust Brigade.

I have a few ideas who is behind this organization but its hard to get any real proof linking him directly to the events in question. But perhaps more alarming is the notion that he is not working alone but just the tip of the iceburg in a massive crime gang.

TBA turning further towards becoming clan ?
Posted by Kirrana

Tue, 9th April 2002 12:00:00 Universal

Methlon was already a well known criminal before joining the outlaw faction know as The Black Alliance. We have already seen TBA attacking  Omni Tek targets a step many thought was on the way to clan views anyway.

But Methlon has made that final step, crossed the boundary between Omni-Tek and Clans. He is openly working with Redruum and his TBA troops were fighting side by side with Redruum's clan troops. It has been noted that Methlon and Redruum have only attacked Omni-Tek targets and source claim this is the first of many planned attacks against Omni-Tek.

It is clear his group is now all but clan in name, what remains to be seen if the rest of TBA groups who have been very anti clan will try to distance themselves from SA or if they will follow suit.