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Bad Apple in Omni-Pol
Posted by Kirrana

Tue, 26 March 2002 12:00:00 Universal

The Rompa Bar seems to be the center of a crime wave, on Saturday while walking past the bar I noticed a full scale fight taking place. What seemed like another act of crime turned out to have more of an interesting tale behind it.

Sadly the full details are no known to me even now the little details I could bring together are as such. It appears an Officer in Omni-Pol one Mr Albessar whose background has been suspect accorded to many former Omni-Pol officers. On the day in question he took the sister of Corporal Dhron kidnap, for what reason we are not clear. However Dhron quickly noticed his sister was missing, running out onto the street to try and stop Albessar. Luckily for Dhron and his sister a number of local employees where able to help him. The chase took them close to the Rompa Bar where Albessar was cornered but rather than give up he went down fighting. 

While many of the employees went down fighting bravely against the rouge officer they soon overpowered him. The story has a happy ending as Dhrons sister was returned to their home safe and sound. However no sight or sound has been heard form Albessar and Omni-Pol are very keen to talk with him.

Was this really the act of one bad apple or yet another Dust Brigade action. What of Omni-Pol already under pressure with recent events this must be a bitter blow to find their own ranks are turning against them ? How far does this corruption go within Omni-Tek ?.


Riddle of the Mutant Attacks
Posted by Kirrana

Tue, 26 March 2002 12:00:00 Universal

I was informed this week of yet another mutant attack this time by giant spiders on the Omni-Pol Barracks. This is the latest in a long line of Mutant Attacks which taken as single events would not account as much. However the frequency of the attacks, the targets and the tactics could a darker power behind it. We have not explored all of Rubi-Ka yet so the monsters could have come from some unknown zone but is there an unknown power controlling these beasts.

Some mainly the clans have pointed to Omni-Med failed experiments released into the wild causing the problem of the mutant attacks. Omni-Med strongly deny this claim and there is certainly no suggested of proof to it. 

Others have claimed that the outlaw group Dust Brigade could behind it but the two types of attack patterns bare little resemblance to each other. The Dust Brigade have targeted key locations, or key officials them seem to have a well defined goal. The monster attacks while well coordinated seem to have no real goal other than disturbing Omni-Tek or Clan operations. While we cant rule it out perhaps there's another answer.

We suppose the planet was dead before Omni-Tek arrived but there are many strange creatures on Rubi-Ka that have an intelligence equal or in some cases greater than our own. Perhaps these creatures are far more organized than we give them credit for, could there be some creature we have not seem behind it all. Do the Enigmas have a secret plan to remove us from the planet. Or are these attacks nothing more than coincidence. 

The Truth is out there somewhere ?

Spider Attack on Omni-Pol Barracks in Omni-Forrest Yesterday reports came in that the Barracks located in the Omni Forrest were under attack by a large group of giant Spiders. 

Omni-Pol rushed to the scene to find dozens  of Blood Creepers, and we began to secure the location. After 15-20 minutes of killing these low level Blood Creepers, a Web Spinner appeared. 

There is no way of tell what lvl she was but it took 40 people the better part of  20 mins just to kill her. After she was neutralized, another showed up...and once again Omni-Pol went to work, the the Web Spinner was killed after a brutal long battle. 

As all this was going on the low level Blood creepers just kept appearing as well. Once the 2 Web Spinners were taken care of then the Mob Boss showed up, "The Web Mistress". We went to work on her, and only after no less that what seemed to be 30 minutes, she was put down. The area was then secured, and returned to normal activities. 

Ultimatum To Radiman
Posted by Kirrana

Wed, 20 March 2002 12:00:00 Universal

After a week which has seen much talk about the crime on the streets of Omni in some what of a surprise the guilds of The Dark Carnival, Enigma, R.S.G.E. Division 9, The Nordic Alliance, The Sword of Justice have sent Mr Radiman an Ultimatum. The details of this Ultimatum has found the clans guilty of harboring and funding these terrorist groups and their activities. If Radiman fails to respond with action in 72 hours then the guilds have said they will take matters into there own hands. As the ultimatum says "If you do not comply within the given time we will be left with no other choice but to conduct swift and harsh military actions targeted at Tir,"

Radiman was quick to respond pointing out "As far as I'm concerned, the Council has performed according to the Tir Accord, both showing willingness and ability to work with Omni-Tek in finding, and punishing, the terrorists."

The act has split Omni-Tek those that remain loyal to Mr Ross have said they will not support the Ultimatum. An announcement from the Omni-Tek Administration has not yet officially commented on the situation, but sources have revealed there is no official backing to the ultimatum. 

Of course the clans have responded to this threat and handed their own Ultimatum to the guilds, that it they dare to set foot in Tir they will be meet with the full force of the clans.

The whole situation is rather confusing and not as simple as it may first appear. The whole issue centers around the terrorist group known as the Dust Brigade, who is believed to be helping or in some way linked to Red Freedom the Clan terrorist group.

So the action from the Omi-Tek guilds could be explained by this link, but also the Dust Brigade has been linked to Valdemar Consortium a neutral group and also a number of Omni-Tek guilds have also been linked to the Dust Brigade.

So why have the guilds decided to take the law into their own hands but to focus only on the link to Dust Brigade within Clan land. Why did they not focus on the problem inside Omni-Tek ?.

It is strange they do nothing to stop the crime in the very streets of Omni-Entertainment but seem willing to mobilize there forces half away across the planet to fight it there. 

But also why attack Tir, what possible link is there that Reduum or the Dust Brigade would be in Tir. Given that the Dust Brigade have also attacked the Clans it would seem unlikely that the terrorist would just be hanging around the COT.

I am sure Ross will do his utmost to distance himself from this action, it clearly has no support from Omni-Tek Admin, its objectives are very questionable, and the proof the clans are in league with Dust Brigade seems at best to be tenuous.

To me this action is reckless, in the best light it was badly thought out, in the worst light it is clearly an attempt to start a war with the clans. ICC will not stand for this, if this simple reporter can see through the rubbish this Ultimatum is then they will to. This action stands only to hurt Omni-Tek by bring the full wraith of ICC down on our heads. 

We are Omni-Tek, I sometimes think the guild leaders forget this, and have some Clan like notion they can just do what they want. They believe ideas well above there station that they can simple go above Ross's and Omni-Teks head to demand Ultimatum's on Omni-Tek's behalf. We already have seen the dangers this self imposed power has had on TBA are we seeing yet another rogue group forming. 

I guess like many others clan included we now just have to wait 72 hours.

A Simple Reporters View


Crime does not pay 
Posted by Kirrana

Wed, 20 March 2002 12:00:00 Universal

After posting my story on the recent crime problems on Rubi-Ka one might have expected an instant reply, a note from Omni-pol, some warning to these criminals. However as the criminals Jhoanna, SpyderVenom, SlikeX , Ugluk and Georg turned up in the Rompa Bar the normal pattern of events seemed to be taking their normal course. Command Scarney showed up at the request of the bar staff and after a few words where said was forced out of the bar. He headed as we have seen before back to Omni HQ to hid in the offices of Omni-Pol.

On reaching the bridge the criminals opened up on the Omni-Pol officers guarding the bridge outnumbered the Omni-Pol officers fell victim to the criminals blows. Scarney although joined by Officers Corporal Dhron Bolieu and Corporal Truimvirat Pull just stood by and watched the attack. 

Our heads hung with shame as Scarney turned this back and with the fellow officers turned and walked across the bridge back to Omni HQ. Here he stopped and faced the criminals. Giving them a warning to leave the area now or else. But of course the criminals stayed, Taunting Scarney, howling derision in his ears, the peel of laughter ringing around the towers of Omni HQ.

"You have one minute to leave" Scarney told them "or else". But of course the criminals where not going to move and started counting down mocking the Omni-Pol command. They did not reach one minute, barely 30 seconds past when two slayer droids went into action tearing into the criminals.   
Criminals and Omni Pol Face off 

As they run you could hear they pathetic cries of " that was only 30 secs" but soon there cries where cut short as were cut down in mid flight. The first Azazzel  died where he stood on the steps facing Scarney. 

Ugluk tried to escape by jumping in the water, but the water was only chest height to the slayer droid that followed him in, leaving only the floating corpse lying on the surface. 

Georg and Spydervenom made a run for over the center bridge in Omni HQ spanning the water. The other slayer droid  followed them cutting one down on the steps up to the bridge, Spydervenom the last was cut down on the very center of the of the bridge. They had not got more than 100 meters from where they first stood mocking Omni-Pol.
Slayers tear the criminals apart


Within less than 30 seconds the so cock sure criminals where now reduced to nothing more lifeless corpses. Reappearing back at rez terminals with the haunting last view of a slayer droid arm ripping into them.

With only Scarney and the loyal Omni-Pol officers left, including Taxation a brave Bureaucrat helping Omni-Pol out. Scarney just looked straight ahead, known for his stony unchanging expression. But you could just see the slight smile on his face, but this eyes gave him away. Omni-Pol officers should not be seen to enjoying this moment but you could forgive Scarney getting his revenge on these criminals. 

Today justice was served.

Neither Ugluk or Spydervenom made it very far.


Love at the Top and life as a neutral 
Posted by Kirrana

Tue, 19 March 2002 23:00:00 Universal
Being a Neutral on Rubi-Ka is hard enough but for a couple in love at the top of one of the biggest guilds in the neutral faction what is life really like. Well Silenna and Nyadach stopped by the Rompa for a quick chat about there relationship, life as a neutral and their views on the events of the last view months.
Kirrana: Ok Well today I have with me Silenna and Nyadach both Neutrals and from the guild Independent Rubikans of which they both run, also they happen to be married as well

Kirrana: Do you find your married life and guild hard to manage at all ?

Nyadach: i dont, we just keep one side in guild hours and the other outta it 

Silenna: I'd say that being married helps us run the guild- it means we're a team...we cooperate well, and when we disagree with something, it doesn't became a major shouting match. We get things sorted out

Nyadach: true, sil orders me to do something and i cave 
Silenna: yeah, it works well

Kirrana: So how did the two of you meet in the first ?

Silenna: Nya and I met in borealis a few years back

Nyadach: ahh way back when it was nice and quiet :)

Silenna: We found love through arguing. We both love a good punch up, and we finally found someone who could give as good as they got in each other

Nyadach: sil was having problems with a duff head implant

Kirrana: I see so was it love at first sight ?

Nyadach: it was for some of us, not like that ever admited it :)

Silenna: you could say that... many people look askance at us, because of our age difference. I don't know my age precisely, but our guild doctor says I'm about 33, and Nyadach is 55. 

Kirrana: Well you both look well for you age but I guess life as a neutral was not easy, and lead to you creating a guild to gain support within the neutral faction ?

Nyadach: the guild kinda came about through the work as the paper, what with people asking us are we ever going to form a guild

Silenna: Yes... neutrality is a tough life, and we're a minority. Throughout history, minorities have formed groups.

Silenna: The NCU upgrade allowing neutral guilds is fairly recent, otherwise we would have formed one much longer ago. We should mention, though, our partners in crime in forming IR and IRN: Drtiny and Fractaloon. Without their help and input, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Kirrana: I understand different neutral groups have different views on the situation on Rubi-Ka but what are the goals and needs for a neutral on Rubi-ka in your view

Silenna: firstly, the availability of high quality nanocrystals in shops. We can't get any really superior ones

Nyadach: to make sure neutrality isnt just faded into becoming a clan

Silenna: Secondly, NCU programming currently means we flag as 'hostile' to the NCU implants of both Clan and Omni. I'd like to see that changes 

Silenna: Yes, we aren't clan, we aren't clan sympathizers. We are neutrals.

Kirrana: Yes its hard for some to split the difference between clan and neutral what do you see as setting you apart from either Omni or Clan

Silenna: I guess what sets us apart from the clan is that we're not opposed to Omni in the way they are

Silenna: We're not cosy with Omni- pardon me for saying it, but you guys human rights record isn't exactly faultless... but the clans are just, well, childish!

Silenna: Of course, neutrals fall into two basic groups: those who don't care about the war and are willing to milk it for all it's worth, and those who think the war is pointless and sympathies with neither side.

Kirrana: So what role do you see the neutrals playing on Rubi-ka as of yet you have been rather quiet on affairs

Silenna: I don't think neutrals as a whole have a one political agenda we just want to live an easy life. I'd personally like to see neutrals called on as arbitrators, but I guess we're not the kind who desire world domination.

Nyadach: we tend to be more used to both sides for a role of information gatheres and the like

Kirrana: But recent events have seen neutrals linked to the dust group by that I mean via Vandelmar Consortium selling the arms. This must be a worry for the neutrals starting to be seen behind a plot

Nyadach: that consortium is more clan than most the clanners I know for what they provide and for some of the things they are involved with, it makes most neuts horrified

Silenna: I find the recent developments of the vandelmar consortium and the neutral dusters very worrying.  I think all neutrals consider the dusters their enemies.

Kirrana: Some people have claimed that the DB are using the neutrals as a cover a place to hid behind. This has become a worry to both Omni-Tek and Clan alike it must cause a lot of pressure on the neutral leaders such as your self to do something

Nyadach: we would love to oust them from our citys, yet with the freedom we offer to all such actions is against everything we believe in yet, some of us, have taken some actions to keep tabs on these organisations, and to make sure anything they do do, is reported to the correct authorities in time 

Silenna: I think Omni-tek fears another Sabulum if they try a cleanup operation in a neutral town

Nyadach: we may not be clan or omni, but that doesn't stop us from helping either of them if they need it

Kirrana: The battle lines appear almost drawn between Omni-Tek and the clans, do you fear being caught in the middle of another battle. 

Silenna: Nyadach was involved in a recent meeting of omni, clan and neutral guilds on behalf of IR to discuss plans for dealing with the dusters definitely, yes. we're always caught in the middle. At least death isn't fatal on Rubi-ka, but a war between the two factions would be damaging to us, sure enough. 

Nyadach: we know its coming, we will be the first hit, and we will be the ones protected in the name of on our behalf we dont like it, and dont want any of it

Silenna: I like the way both factions say they uphold neutral's wish to remain neutral, then carry on firing at us

Kirrana: So what does the future hold for you, the guild and neutrals, how do you see your lives on Rubi-ka panning out

Silenna: I think how we want our lives to pan out, and how they will, are two very different things. We want to see rubi-ka at peace. I suspect we'll see rubi-ka at war, and us caught in the middle. One thing is for sure though: long after omni-tek and the clans are forgotten, there'll still be neutrals.

Silenna: I suppose there's one final thing I'd like to say: If you are a soldier of Omni, or the clans, check before you fire. The person you fire on might not be your enemy, but a neutral just passing through.

Kirrana: Ok well thanks To Nyadach and Silenna for the interview and I wish you both well for the future

Silenna: Thank you

Nyadach: you too Kirrana :) thanks for the interview :)

We wish the couple well for the future in fact we can all do so this weekend as they are set to renew their vows in baboons to celebrate there anniversary.

Crime is out of Hand, the Public Call on Ross to Restore Order 
Posted by Kirrana
Mon, 18 March 2002 23:00:00 Universal

It started with a few crimes at the Rompa Bar in Omni Entertainment and there is should have ended with the heavy arm of the law in the form of Omni-Pol coming down on their heads. But this was not the case, a more lenient Omni-Pol perhaps on the orders of Ross himself to present an open view of Omni-Tek with the eyes of the clans and ICC watching our every move.

The crime was allowed to carry on unpunished it escalated to new heights and direct attacks on Omni-Pol itself. Even the example made of one criminal Freen did little to stop the others now beset on driving each other to new levels of debauchery. Rogue underground guilds sprung up from the sewer no longer fearful from Omni-Pol's wraith. It was not long before members of The Black Alliance went back to their old way making a mockery of the trust placed in them by Ross after Portman was captured.

We are no longer talking of the odd mugging but gangs such as Sinister Anarchist making large scale raids against Omni-Pol. Trying to rule the roost in the Rompa Bar threatening innocent members of the public, driving them out onto the street and killing them in full view of Ross's Office. 

But still Omni-Pol act with half hearted measures laughed at by the criminals and on many occasions chased back to the Omni-Pol HQ with the heads between their legs. This is not the Omni-Pol we have come to expect to up hold law and order on the streets of Rubi-Ka. What is going on ?. How have we become so soft as to allow this to happen. Even in the lawless world of the clans such events would not be permitted. So why should we in Omni-Tek.

As Miss La Belle Decat said " I pay my taxes to Omni-Tek, I have worked very hard for them. The least I expect is to be able to walk the streets in safety without some ruffian trying to kill me"

Her thoughts are echoed by most in Omni-Tek tonight as the criminals are still at large. I have seen their acts with my own eyes. My head has dropped as I watch the Omni-Pol Commander running for his life into Omni HQ with the sounds of laughter ringing in his ears.  

We have already heard of Omni-Tek citizens taking the law into their own hands, an dangerous option and one I must warn against but these people feel they have little else open to them.

We know the people, we have details of their crimes. What we want now Mr Ross is justice for the people of Omni-Tek.

The Criminals
If you seen any of the following below they are consider wanted by Omni-Pol of crimes against Omni-Tek. Be on the look out for these and anyone else who fall away from the true path of Omni-Tek

Wesley "Methlon" Peak
Wanted for the murder of Mr Rani and several attacks on Omni-Pol officers. He is also believe to be the ring master Sinister Anarchist.

John "Partypooper" McKechnie
Also wanted for the murder of Mr Rani, has attacked Omni-Pol officers on a number of occasions is believed to be the muscle for Methlon  

Nehcron "Ugluk" Howryla
Wanted for crimes against the state while working for TBA. These crimes where over looked due the capture of portman but this rein of terror has started again. Is wanted for the mass murder of several Omni-Pol officers

Pasquale "Spydervenom" Capo
General in The Black Hand Gang also wanted for crimes against the state. This character is consider mentally unstable and is wanted for the deaths of Omni-Pol officers killed with a large beam.

Sierra "Jhoanna" Washko
Also known as the Cat Queen is wanted for the assault on Omni-Pol officers and the death of Omni-Tek personal Redstar.


Save the Leet party Raised 3.2 Million 
Posted by Kirrana
Mon, 18 March 2002 23:00:00 Universal

On Saturday night there was a party to raise money for the protection of Leets on Rubi-Ka. The FriendLeet foundation long time protectors of the leets had been able to rescue a number of the creatures from a compound in East Street Bank a few weeks ago. However faced with the influx of new arrivals at the leet sanctuary feeding all these new faces soon became a drain on the guilds resources.

Short of money they turned towards the people of Rubi-Ka to help in fund raising events and were not let down. The big event was a party in Baboons, well attended by people and leets alike. With the music blasting out, people dancing and drinking the night away a lot of fun was had by all. 

The Leet auction performed by Captain Baxie was a great success, everyone one was surprised by the quality and the amount of items given to the cause by people.  We cant thank people enough for there help which will go to save many leet lives.

A full report plus pictures can be found on the baboons site.


The heart of an Atrox and the return of Pattie Meloche 
Posted by Kirrana
Fri, 15 March 2002 23:00:00 Universal

A few people might have known that Pattie Meloche has been returned to her aunt Derva but the details of how where unknown that was until Areania had chance to interview the hero of the this tale Pudgeman. So still back and here how one little girl came between an Atrox and a bronto burger well at least for an hour or two.

Pudgeman: I was going home from my job last yesterday when I noticed a little girl standing in the middle of Omni-Entertainment.

Areania: Interesting when was this?

Pudgeman: about 10 last night, March 6th

Areania: you know of the recent happenings? Is there a connection?

Pudgeman: Yes in fact I was intrigued about this little girl, and listening in on her conversation. I discovered that this was Pattie Meloche apparently somehow, i don't know how she had escaped her prisoners and this atrox, Gnarr(wrong name), had found her and was escorting her home!

Areania: [happy] It was! you did! don't let me stop you please go on!. Where did he found her?

Pudgeman: Normally, I would go straight home, I mean, its a long time between lunch and dinner....hmmmm...I believe he stated that she was wandering around Omni-Entertainment, anyway, but you see there was know way I was going to let this pass me up

Areania: Lunch, dinner? You can eat later! In Omni-Entertainment you say...

Pudgeman: another employee of Omni-Tek, Ratmedic, had also noticed and filled me in on the current situation

Areania: Oh so It was you three there or was there others?

Pudgeman: The little girl wished to find her aunt and being the good Omni-tek employees we are, were happy to help here. Some others passed us, but I guess they where to caught up in there own lives

Areania: and well this Gnarr(wrong name) and Ratmedic are they involved in  particular Department that is did you scan them?

Pudgeman: I didn't think of it at the time, I was mostly curious about the girl....

Areania: So far I can only congratulate you on your fast thinking please go on

Pudgeman: The girl seemed to remember that her aunt lived in one of the high rises in Omni-trade. Having no other information at the time, we decided it was the best place to start. When we arrived at omni-trade it took a little while for the girl to remember which high-rise it was. After some time of debating with herself she settled on High-rise #3. It turns out the girl has quite a good memory, and glad I was too. My tummy was starting to rumble quite viciously

Areania: Well this was more important but I suppose urges like hunger can be powerful, so it was the right high-rise..

Pudgeman: It was quite the heart felt reunion, and I can't help but shed a tear at how little pattie ran up and hugged her aunt :)

Areania: Oh, So Derva Meloche was there?

Pudgeman: Her aunt, none other than Derva Meloche, gave Gnarr a hug and thanked us for returning her niece.

Areania: [a obviously happy and satisfied voice] Ah, I am glad and overjoyed of your efforts in this matter this will not pass by lightly!

Pudgeman: Derva insisted that pattie be checked out by Omni-med, even though the little girl insisted that the "bad men" had not hurt her. We waved goodbye to little pattie as they walked off, and I couldn't help but hug the Atrox too. [wipes tears from eyes]

Areania: One can never be to carefull but my own experiences says most Omni-Med facilities are not to be visited if one can avoid them

Pudgeman: afterwards I had the most delicious bronto burger.... Mmmmmm...Speaking of that I think I'll get another one of those for breakfast today or two

Areania: Well this will not go Idly by I will personally recommend you for a promotion as a first step

Areania: But well the bronto burger.. you know there is more to this then a kidnapped girl and it connects right down to that bronto burger of yours

Pudgeman: thank you madam! I'm honored [in shock] My burger!! [looks at stomach]

Areania: This brings the OSID out from a darkness I am proud to say that you have made a big difference. Well you see oh well have a look at the board in HQ I will post some info there

Pudgeman: ok...but is it safe to eat my burger?. I'm awfully hungry you know

Areania: Well I donīt see how that could be a bad thing no you could most deffinately eat at BBīs. The connection is at a more larger scale then that

Pudgeman: [sigh of releif]

Areania: well now could I count that as the end of your report?

Pudgeman: [voice is garbled from sound of food in mouth] Yet, I finc thab avout covers it.

Areania: Ehrmm, well Iīll end logging then

Bizarre Beasts Attack Entertainment

A report from Virind and eyewitness account cayll describe the events of two monsters in Omni-Ent heading for perhaps freedom towards the Whompa's. While I am sure the Clans will be quick to label the monsters rejects from Omni-Med experiments at this early stage we have no idea as the the source of these creatures. Thanks to Cayll for the pictures. In case you where wondering the monsters are both the same  the large black creatures looking like blobs. Early reports of these in fact being Snarf's return in new form where in fact false.

Bizarre Beasts Attack Entertainment

by Virind - Tue, 12 Mar 2002 00:00:00 Universal

This morning, two giant hideous beasts appeared and began a devastating rampage through Omni-Entertainment. They first emerged somewhere near the southern slums, and began to make their way towards the whompa gates.

The two beasts known as Blackrot and Fester, were huge, shambling mounds of decay and filth. A single gigantic mouth made up nearly the whole of their bodies. Strange sickly light came from within them; something unholy and unnatural.

What would have happened had they reached those gates? We will never know. Omni employees reacted with heroic speed and selflessness in converging on the scene. Together they attacked the creatures, who were far more powerful and vicious than anything the impromptu army had faced individually.

Nano programs exploded across the landscape, and deadly creatures conjured from the very minds of nearby Meta-Physicists stood side by side with martial artists, soldiers, and members of nearly every profession of Rubi-Ka. The fighting was fierce and many brave defenders were cut down by the invaders. Even members of the clans threw in with the desperate defense of the city. Standing alongside their long time foes of Omni, both sides put aside their fueds, and joined into a stronger whole, a single purpose of thought and action: to destroy the common threat.

Had these creatures made it out of Omni-Entertainment, all of Rubi-Ka might have been at risk. But the danger was stopped by the actions of the people. Not Omni, nor clan, but the people. Together, their strength was enough to overcome anything.

But the question remains. Where did these beasts come from? Who or what unleashed them on us all? When will the next attack come, and in what form from our blackest nightmares will that attack be?



Captain Vaskez from Omni-Pol gives her view on events at the Rompa Bar, TBA DB and herself
Posted by Kirrana
Mon, 11 March 2002 23:00:00 Universal

In an open interview with Miss Vaskez after yet more trouble in the Rompa Bar she found the time to give her views on the recent troubles. We also spoke of the kidnapping, connections between Valdemar Consortium and the Dust Brigade, TBA and found out a bit more about this prominent Omni-Pol Officer.

Kirrana: Well Thanks for finding the time for an interview

Vaskez: Not a problem.. good to get away from the grind a bit

Kirrana: Well there are a number of questions I guess we should start with events in the Rompa Bar of late. We have seen a number of killings in there this week. It appears to be turning into a crime wave center ?


Miss Vaskez Click the pic for her full profile

Vaskez: Our own reports have certainly been on the increase there and we are having to take the time to look into it. As yet we don't have any conclusive proof.. but we have several names linked to all the disturbances

Throll the bouncer mentioned that the bar could be shut down due to the problems of late any thoughts on that ?

Vaskez: It is a matter for considerable concern to omni pol. We don't want to have to take such drastic measures. But there is certainly room for review on the Bar's license at the moment. Throll is a very handy person for us to have on the premises. Being a veteran of our own ranks. So we do take his thoughts on the matter with some seriousness. But.. there are a lot of things in the balance with this.. loss of business for the owners is very worrying to us

Kirrana: Yes he has been missing of late, I think perhaps the shock of the events have got to him perhaps, perhaps he would feel safer if Mr Partypooper and Methlon had be captured.

Vaskez: We are working on leads in that direction, and considering providing some form of greater protection to throll. I can't go into detail on the investigation at the moment

Criminals on the Run ?
Posted by Kirrana
Mon, 11 March 2002 12:00:00 Universal

On Saturday we saw Freen once again show his true colours by attacking Omni-Pol again. This after a fight with Omni-Pol in the Rompa bar less than a day before. This time Freen paid a heavy price for this outrage by being banned from Omni-Tek.

Well tonight we have a new step in the story as Partypooper already in trouble over the bar brawl two days ago came looking for more trouble tonight. I was in the bar after a hard day working on the paper, I just ordered a glass of water when I noticed a stranger at the bar Mr Rani. While talking to Mr Rani about events on Rubi-Ka Meister from Omni-Pol turned up at the bar. Meister talked to Mr Rani and explained that two criminals where outside and that he should be careful. It was then Mr Partypooper and Methlon turned up and started to harass poor Mr Rani trying to draw him into fighting.

Mr Rani tried to defuse the problem by leaving the bar and making his way to the Omni-HQ where I understand he works. In a shameless act Partypooper attacked Mr Rani claiming it was in return for Rani called Omni-Pol on Saturday which lead to Freen being removed from Omni-Tek. 

In the unfair fight Rani was killed, one hopes he was insured at the time, but this is still a crime in which action was sure to follow. Worried at the heavy Omni Pol presences in Omni-HQ the criminals made a rush back to the Rompa bar perhaps to toast their work.

It was not long before Commander Scarney O Brian was at the club to arrest Partypooper for his crimes. Partypooper was not willing to come quietly and a fight soon took place, but even with help from Methlon he was outclassed.  Partypooper fearing what would happen if he was taken in made a run for it into the grid. In a bid to give his pal time, Methlon attacked Scarney and dispite being asked a number of times would not stop. Scarney was forced to attack and kill Methlon before carrying on the pursuit. However Methlon had bought enough time for Partypooper to make it to the grid.

Scarney at this moment in time has not commented to the press on the recent events but be sure Omni-Pol will deal with Mr Partypooper and Methlon in time. 

In further revelation Miss Areania from the guild OSID talked about her chat with Methlon the other night. " I met with Methlon and PartyBoy, Methlon told me he was going to kill Miss Derva the Omni PR lady. He said it was in return for Miss Derva killing his brother. "

Methlon during the fight at the Rompa mentioned a so called league but would not give any details. But is this a rise of a new crime wave by a new founded league or just a couple of fools. I guess we will have to wait to find out. 

Equimon Suspects Sol Banking behind Dust Brigade ?
Posted by Kirrana
Sun, 10 March 2002 12:00:00 Universal

In an open interview with Equimon the president of The Great Paladine Core we learn a little of what it takes to run a guild on Rubi-Ka. But in something of a shock he goes on to speculate about the possible involvement Sol Banking might be playing behind the scenes.  Are they the real force behind the Dust brigade Equimon makes some valid points. Also he removes the trade ban on TBA and opens the new academy for people just arriving on the planet.

Kirrana: Ok I have with me today Equimon the President of the Great Paladine Core Guild.

Equimon: Hello.
Kirrana: I guess we can start by asking you to tell us a bit about your guild

Equimon: That I can do, GPC is a OT Defensive unit, within Omni-Internops. We are here to make sure that there are none that threatens OT in anyway, regardless of their alignment or political standing. We're protecting the cause one might say. We're also here to hunt down every Dustmen on this planet. One unit by the time.

Kirrana: You are by some standards quite a new guild but already have a lot of members so you must keep the guild running smoothly, any tips out there for other guild leaders ?

Equimon: Actually, we're not that new. We started out in October last year. And most of our members are from Omni Nano Kinetics, which was my first assignment on Rubi-Ka. All I can say is that, you must be gentle, commanding, sure of yourself and by god: know what your doing.

Kirrana: Yes always a good idea, So what has been the highlight of your time on Rubi-Ka so far ?

Equimon: The highlight...hmm..that must be have been forming and leading this great band of people. And forming and shaping a working defensive unit, as it is today. I'm getting more and nicer highlights with these people each day.

Kirrana: With what looks like conflict on Rubi-Ka growing closer each day what is your view on the clanners, TBA wishes to see the removed from the planet, while Ross appears to want peace ?

Equimon: I think that I must agree with Ross. Nobody "wants" war. Well, some do. But I don't, I want OT-RK to prosper. But some terrorist like Red Freedom and Dust Brigade and several other good examples literally stand in the way of that happening. So, I only hope that there can be a peaceful solution, but as it is now, I don't see that happening, so me, and the rest of GPC are prepared to raise our guns in the words of great CEO Phillip Ross. But when OT-RK will act, only CEO Ross knows. Who knows when these criminals will punished.

Kirrana: The Dust Brigade have been a main focus of late, I understand you have had your own run in with them, but do you have any views if a greater power might be behind them ?

Equimon: I suspect Sol Banking Corporation to behind the financing at least of the Dust Brigade, heck even TruSpace. But who knows? It's not like we have heard anything special about either of them in the last years.

Kirrana: No but we have heard that the Vandelmar Consortium a neutral group have been linked with them, this is a worrying new trend and the DB may pose a greater threat to Omni-Tek than first thought ?

Equimon: The VC yes. Well...My opinion is odd, I don't care much for the VC. Our R&I department investigating them, and any ties to any rebel and-or terrorist group.

But just think: We haven't heard of the Sol Banking Corporation, or any other competing corporation since June 09, 29442. One might think that is strange. That was when the corporate wars ended, and was quickly followed up with the Corporate War trials. Same year that the ICC Peackeeping Corps was established. One might think it would weird that the most hostile competing corporation would be silent? I bet you 1M that Sol Banking Corp. Is behind the DB, are you willing to take that bet?

Kirrana: LOL I am not a betting person, but Sol Banking would appear as likely as any other group so far. Perhaps we can turn to Omni-Pol matters.
There has been a lot said about TBA and the OTSEC and general in fighting between the Omni-Tek guilds which cannot be good. You seem to have largely stayed away from such matters but what's your view on the internal problems ?

Equimon: Since I'm not associated with the OTSEC, or any other alliance for that matter I don't got much to say. Today I acted as good-will ambassador for Azazzel and Meister, and had them here to talk. No solution.

Kirrana: But you did have a trade ban on TBA, why was that and why did you decide to remove it ?

Equimon: My opinion, is that TBA will make up for actions. I've talked to Azazzel, and he promised me that TBA will NOT attack OT employees if not provoked first. The Trade ban is in there because TBA acted in false ways lately. For my two complaints and issues, Azazzel and Commander Scarney, an offical OT, have signed a non-aggression treaty, Azazzel told me to today. I just hope his words are true, if they are, I'm looking forward to yet again having my focus on the real terror out there, and not internal flaws. We have removed the trade ban, because of things said by both Azazzel and Meister today, and I'll be waiting to see the situation on. We're still investigating a lot of issues.

Kirrana: So what does the future now hold for you and your guild 

Equimon: Hopefully: Peace and Prosperity for Omni-Tek on this red planet of ours. Who knows? Maybe we'll even earn a dime or two. I would also like to say that we have opened a new division in our guild, called the Great Paladine Academy, we let new arrivals on Rubi-Ka feel welcome and maybe choose a way into the Great Paladine Core.

Rumble at the Rompa Bar
Posted by Kirrana
Wed, 09 March 2002 20:00:00 Universal

Today at 20:00:00 I got a call to the Rompa in omni entertainment as the contact put it something was going down. I arrived in time to see what looked like a stand off between Omni-Pol and TBA. Then all hell let lose as the fighting started with one left dead, Omni Pol left the scene with TBA and members of OTSEC in tow.

It seemed an open and shut case another show of TBA at work. However not happy with just taking things at face value I tried to ask Commander Scarney O Brian what in the world was going on. The stony faced Omni-Pol commander refused to answer any questions but by asking around the bar I found out Throll the club bouncer had been there.

Throll was nice enough to grant me an interview with him about the events and as the interview will show my first view of events where completely wrong.

Throll: So, Miss Western, what do you want to talk to me about?

Kirrana: Well thanks for finding the time for an interview, after what seems a sad run of events

Throll lets out an affirmative grunt

Throll: Sad yes, Omni's killing Omni's is always sad

Kirrana: I have heard quite a story from Methlon and Partypooper two trouble makers, but I wonder if you could explain the events in your own words ?

Throll Click on pic for profile

Throll: I'll do my best Miss Western. I was at home when I got a call from the Bartender at Rompa Bar. He told me that a certain Partypooper and Methlon had killed a customer so I got out and headed to workThroll: So, Miss Western, what do you want to talk to me about?

Kirrana: Well thanks for finding the time for an interview, after what seems a sad run of events

Throll lets out an affirmative grunt

Throll: Sad yes, Omni's killing Omni's is always sad

Kirrana: I have heard quite a story from Methlon and Partypooper two trouble makers, but I wonder if you could explain the events in your own words ?

Throll: I'll do my best Miss Western. I was at home when I got a call from the Bartender at Rompa Bar. He told me that a certain Partypooper and Methlon had killed a customer so I got out and headed to work

When I arrived at the bar, I met the victim in the hallway, luckily he had an updated insurance. After talking to him and getting his version of the story, confronted Partypooper, Methlon was not there then. I guess he had chickened out and left, in case Omni-Pol came to investigate. Partypooper denied that he had killed anyone, so I checked with the Bartender and the Party Mixer

They both confirmed that at the moment of the incident, there was only 3 customers in the bar the victim, Partypooper and Methlon and that the two troublemakers attacked with no warning or any prior argument

Partypooper still denied it, so I called some old friends in Pol, and they sent Commander Scarney with a patrol. I kept up talking to Partypooper, keeping him there until the Omni-Pol unit arrived and that is when all hell broke loose.

Throll grumbles

Partypooper called in friends, and suddenly the place was crowded with TBA people, and OTSEC showed up too. Partypooper was told to follow Commander Scarney, he declined and attacked the Commander

The Commander and his squad held back in hope that the criminal would stop. But when it was clear that he intended to kill commander Scarner, the Commander and his squad opened up fire and killed Partypooper

Kirrana: Well it seems they had no choice in the matter

Throll nods

Throll: They did not have a choice. Then Freen attacked on of the Commanders people and killed her and that is when I lost complete control of the situations, and let Omni-Pol handle it alone

Kirrana: So to clear it up TBA and OTSEC did not cause the problem just the two named people so far

Throll: Well, most of TBA and OTSEC did not cause trouble, although bigmouths like Sixblade and Ugluk did their best to cause a frenzy

Kirrana: What caused Freen to Attack her ?

Throll: I've no idea, most likely because she was the one that shot the last shot and killed Partypooper

Kirrana: Did Omni-Pol attack any members of TBA as far as you saw ?

Throll: No, as far as I saw, Omni-Pol did not open fire on TBA members, every time it was they that were attacked, and they just defended themselves

Kirrana: I see, I noticed just after both Methlon and Partypooper where still in the bar, is any further action to be taken against them

Throll: That I do not know, but if they show up, I will complete ignore them and call Omni-Pol. What action that will be taken against them is up to Omni-Pol I guess. After all, they killed a peaceful citizen for fun, and then attacked Omni-Pol personnel

Kirrana: Yes one would expect them to be dealt with in time, perhaps this will serve as a warning to others, whom decide to have that sort of fun in your bar

Throll: It is not my bar, it's just were I work .. maybe even worked, I've been asked to stay at home until the boss decides. Who knows, with all the trouble in the bar lately, it might even be shut down temporarily

I guess that will be up to Omni-Pol

Throll: And I promise, that if I get to work there again, if I see one of those three rebels, yes, I call people like Partypoope, Methlon and Freen rebels, they are not worthy of their Omni Citizenship

Kirrana: I am sure once people hear of the events today many will share your dim view on these people who dare to take the faction Omni-Tek

Throll nods

Throll: Omni Tek should revoke their citizenship, and then put them in a transport and dump them in the desert up north

Throll: But as you said Miss Western, the days events have been exhausting. I think I should go home and get some rest

Kirrana: Yes I am sorry I have kept you far longer than I dreamed to. Thanks for the interview and I wish you well. Lets up your work now on will be free of anymore events like that.


To be fair I also interviewed Partypooper and Methlon but they just confirmed what Tholl had already told me. When asked why they did it the answer was "Partypooper: for fun". I have not bothered to post the rest of it trust me it was not worth it, but I have done so for there own safety as the comments they have made will lead them into more trouble. 

We will have to wait and see what action is taken against Methlon, Partypooper, Freen but there is little doubt in my mind we have not heard the last of it. This should serve as a warning to other fools out there who think they can just get away with being stupid the long arms of the law are waiting for you.

After dealing with this event a more relaxed throll went on to talk about his self, the past and the work he does now. Click Here to read his profile and interview.

Interview with Azazzel TBA Deny Links with DB and open arms to the rest of Omni-Tek
Posted by Kirrana
Wed, 08 March 2002 15:00:00 Universal

The last few days have been a busy time for Azazzel the leader of TBA, today we caught up with him to set the record straight and get his own view on events. During the course of this interview he deny's any links to Dust Brigade and the Vandelmar Consortium. He also goes on to explain TBA's position and opens his hands to welcome  co-operation between the guilds and OTSEC. It appears TBA are also running a rally in Omni Ent tonight with the goal of creating a better understanding of TBA. In the interests of Omni-Teks future I would suggest you turn up to at least hear them out.

<Kirrana> I have with me Today Azazzel the leader of The BlackHand guild and the main force behind The Black Alliance (TBA)

Azazzel Hello Kirrana it's an honour and a pleasure to finally sit and talk with you

<Kirrana> I am sure many people already know about The Black Alliance however for those that don't and perhaps to clear up misunderstandings others may have perhaps you could explain the group in our own words ? 

<[Azazzel> Very well... The BlackHand, DRAP, and Night Assault Legion are the main driving force behind a coalition that believes in action over words... we are all old veterans from the old war and have lost many friends over these grievous years... The Black Alliance represents military unity and brotherhood over the poisonous lies of bureaucracy that is poisoning this planet. Strength and Might over Politician the real safety the citizens of Omni Tek needs

<Kirrana> You have been rather out spoken on the Way Ross has conducted business so far on Rubi-Ka, in fact if I may be so bold only a few months ago you seemed at odds even perhaps to some seemed to be at war with Omni-Tek itself?

<[Azazzel> War is a rather extreme term Ms Kirrana when u have seen the mass slaughter I have done... I am not talking a simple skirmish in any of our political zones I am talking of watching your brothers cut down by a sea of bullets and gore... no war is not pleasurable but in these dark times I am afraid it leaves us little options. Take The Dust Brigade for instance... I fervently believe if we had conquered the clan cities or strategically launched warheads and removed the Clans permanently then the Dust Brigade would have been sniffed out and terminated long ago

<Kirrana> Yes but war is a nasty business, Mr Ross has placed great efforts to bring about peace on Rubi_ka to learn to work with the clans. But you seem against this wishing to see the clans removed completely?

<Azazzel> Yes... we saw more guerilla tactics placed about by clan forces in the times of the amnesty than the majority of the bloodshed spilt when we were officially at war in the old days.

They are terrorists and like all terrorists must be executed with no remorse

<Kirrana> In recent months we have seem a change in TBA a softening of the view, is this a real move to a new TBA or a changed forced by the member guilds who did not share the hard line view you took ?

<Azazzel> Evidently once the amnesty was gone the TBA wasn't really softened it just let us do what we wanted to the clanners within reason since we were officially back at war with them as a corporation

<Kirrana> But TBA have backed down on a number of issues of late, the non aggression pact and the strike issue. Was this not to placate the more sensitive guilds in TBA not wishing to raise arms against Omni-Tek personal?

<Azazzel> OK firstly
I was of planet for 2 days that's why it took me a while to realize what was going on. At first my own department seemed itchy and very angry towards one of our new members called Tisantous who released this article. I thought this was supported by all the TBA guilds till I contacted Terrorizer from DRAP and Ugluk from NAL and it appears it was a total rogue act. 

Secondly... regarding the non aggression pact
The non aggression act was with Scarney on the grounds that he dropped the charges against myself in return we would live in peace with the Omni-Pol forces.

We haven't gotten soft in fact I would say we aren't as slack... for instance a division of Omni Pol declared war on us and we accepted... the majority of these anti TBA guilds are simply all talk and when we announce open conflict with them they soon back down but then continue to harass us. They hide behind the company.

<Kirrana> Yes if you don't mind me say TBA have been quick to enter conflict in the past, Is it not able time the various guilds and groups put aside your views for the Good of Omni-Tek. Would you welcome working with OTSEC and other guilds.

<Azazzel> Once we see OTSEC working as a unity against clanners instead of trying to disrepute The Black Alliance then we will open the doors to negotiation. Remember The Black Alliance on the whole has done far more for Omni Tek than this OTSEC. We brought down Red Freedom and its leader. Always remember that.

To this end we are opening a rally tonight at 24:00GMT in Omni Entertainment to breach the gap between Loyalist and TBA alike which we feel will be beneficial for all

<Kirrana> Well that sounds like a good start perhaps we can turn to darker matters, In the last few weeks members of TBA have been seen with some strange characters linked to the Vandelmar Consortium and Dust Brigade any truth in the claim TBA is linked to either of these groups.

<Azazzel> No. I can but my hand on my own life and say that TBA would never link with The Dust Brigade. In our eyes they are clanners and all clanners should be hunted down and executed ASAP and matters will clear up very soon

<Kirrana> But is does raise the question as to why high level members have been seen in meetings with the very suspicious Mr Duster and with key members of the Vandelmar Consortium before the kidnap. You must understand how this looks but I am sure you have some explanation for these meetings

<Azazzel> Vandelmar Consortium is not part of TBA so there business is their own. If they choose to sell there battle brothers out then that's there prerogative.

<Kirrana> Ok Well thats all I have time for today just leaves me to say thanks to Azazzel for allowing me to interview him

<Azazzel> not at all its been a pleasure Kirrana :)

OTSEC Chairman makes the trade ban on TBA Official
Posted by Kirrana
Wed, 07 March 2002 24:00:00 Universal
For a long time now, the coalition known as The Black Alliance (TBA) has been a thorn in the eye of decent Omni-Tek employees. From their creation they have been in conflict with the wishes of our leader Phillip Ross.

Opposing the amnesty, instigating violence towards clanners in an attempt to hamper the peace efforts. However, the insubordinate actions of the alliance are not only aimed at the Clans. Recently TBA forces attacked an Omni-Pol commander sent to arrest Azazzel, leader of TBA. Not only was the Omni-Pol commander forced into retreat, TBA forces afterwards killed upwards of 50 Omni-Tek guards around the Whompas in Omni Entertainment in a shameless bloodlust.

Naturally these actions are totally unacceptable. The Omni-Tek Security Council hereby officially condemns TBA for their actions against Omni-Tek. Furthermore we are instating a trade boycott on all TBA members effective immediately. OTSEC members will no longer conduct trade with TBA members.

Finally, an appeal to The Black Alliance, to the leaders: If you have any decency and common sense left in you, you will cease your insurgent actions at once. Make a formal apology as fast as possible, you are still Omni-Tek employees, you still have a chance to help the company. We do not wish you as enemies, but we cannot just stand by and do nothing while you shatter the corporation from within.

To the members of TBA: We urge you to open your eyes to what your leaders are doing, look at the actions they have done, listen to the words of rebellion they speak. Do not let their talk of a crusade against the evil of the clans blind you from the truth.

OTSEC hopes these steps will make TBA reconsider its course of action

Strength through unity

Gestva Drake

Chairman of OTSEC

Niece of OT Official Kidnapped, Vandelmar Consortium Implicated
Posted by Kirrana
Wed, 07 March 2002 24:00:00 Universal

The neutral guild know as the Vandelmar Consortium where known to have been involved in the kidnap of Pattie Meloche the niece of Omni-Tek PR director Derva Meloche. The Vandelmar Consortium better know is a group of successful business men and women who whose clever investments in several of Rubi-Ka's largest franchise operations, including Bronto Burger and Mongol Meat has made its members some of the riches people on Rubi-Ka.

It is with some surprise we find the CEO of Vandelmar himself is linked with the plot. The remaining members of the Vandelmar Consortium where quick to distance its self form CEO and offer its prayers and support to Omni-Tek. 

29476 Omni-1 Omni-Tek officials confirmed reports that nine-year-old Pattie Meloche, niece of the influential Omni-Tek PR director Derva Meloche, was kidnapped earlier today.

The situation occurred in the popular Rompa Bar in the evening. An agent of the Vandelmar Consortium, Rosario Dopleni, took the child from a restroom, and fled the scene of the crime. Security officials pursued him, but lost track of him a few blocks away. Following the kidnapping, a general alert was issued, and Omni-Pol was dispatched throughout the city to discover her whereabouts. Initial searches where unsuccessful, and a private detective was called in to assist in the operation.

A few hours later, Omni-Tek leaders stumbled across Vinlero Baldero, and apparently tried to force a confrontation. Details are still sketchy, but most reports indicate they followed him back to a building rented to the Vandelmar Consortium in Western Newland, and attempted to enter.

Security droids intercepted the group of Omni leaders, and dispatched them.

Following the first unsuccessful incursion, several individuals were seen leaving the building, among them, Omni-Tek official Kithrak. He denied any requests for an official statement regarding his presence inside the facility.

Newland Security spotted Vinlero fleeing the facility with a small child, identified as Patty Meloche. He fled the scene, and Omni-Tek and Newland Security have issued warrants for his arrest, and the arrests of anyone connected with the crime. Clariee Giscombe, now acting CEO of the Vandelmar Consortium, released the following statement to the press.

"The Vandelmar Consortium is deeply concerned and saddened by the recent events involving our former CEO, Vinlero Baldero. I have known Vinlero for many years, and never would I have suspected him capable of such acts against the innocent people of Rubi-Ka. My prayers go out to Derva Meloche whose niece, Pattie, was the latest victim of Vinlero's dealings in the underworld. I can assure both Ms. Meloche and the public that the Vandelmar Consortium will do everything in its power to find Vinlero, bring him to justice, and bring Pattie safely home to her Omni-Tek family. I can also say with solid conviction I will see to it that the Vandelmar Consortium is rebuilt, and the corruption purged from within. I also wish to thank the Consortium for its faith in nominating me the new Chief Executive Officer, in reforming the Consortium as the premihre alliance of independent merchants on Rubi-Ka."

At the time of publication, the Rubi-Ka Times was unable to contact Vinlero for a comment. Omni-Pol has released a statement stating Vinlero is "An extremely dangerous man" and ordered citizens to report any information concerning him to a local Omni-Tek officer.


Diamondcut linked to the Dust Brigade and TBA in the picture too ?
Posted by Kirrana
Wed, 06 March 2002 24:00:00 Universal

Last night I left out one detail in my report on Diamondcut a detail I thought at the time unimportant because at the time it made no sense. But he told us not to worry about events in the club but we should be more worried about events in Newland.

At the time I knew nothing of the events in Newland, and how could I as they were going on at the same time I was talking to Diamondcut. So how did he know about an event 200 miles away unless of course he at least know about the attack by Dust Brigade before it was to happen. Given his last name one might event suspect he was a part of the dust brigade 

During an interview with Meister from Omni-Pol about the events with Diamondcut he explained what happened before I arrived.
Razorgil, Meister, Lordmithrill and Zentopia of Omni-Pol

"After this, we went over to Diamondcut, Ugluk and Nettie to see what they were talking about and if anything suspicious about their meeting.

Kirrana: Well given that Ugluk was there from TBA, do you think he was there to meet Mr diamondcut ?

Meister: Yes, most certainly.

Meister: This is also certain because of the meeting between Shadow Company, The Night Assault Legion and TBH after we left Baboons.

Meister: Nettie, leader of Shadow Company and Ugluk, leader of the Night Assault Legion were involved with Diamondcut. This was apparent when we asked them what was going on."

To be fair I did question Ugluk who did not deny that he was meeting Diamondcut.

"Kirrana: Can you explain what you where doing in here last night ?
Ugluk: I was there to protect my interests, and have a talk with Mr.Duster.
Kirrana: So you don't deny the fact you where meeting Mr Duster then ?
Ugluk: No, not at all. "

After questioning him further I found his view extreme but not shocking from a member of TBA

"The Dust Brigade my personal view I think that OT should not help clanners to get rid of them. OT should just act defensive and either the Dust Brigade will destroy the Clans or the Clans will win and will be very weak, that's when we hit them and terminate them all."

To be fair when questioned about the link between the Dust Brigade, Diamondcut and TBA he reposnsed 

"TBA is NOT working with the Dust Brigade." and he seemed genuinely shocked by claims that Daimondcut could be linked to Dust Brigade.

While I do not have 100% proof Diamondcut is apart of Dust Brigade from what we have learnt so far points to this. The same is true of TBA to be fair I don't think they are knowing linked to the dust brigade, but there relationship with diamondcut does raise some interesting questions to be asked.  

With Meister hot on the the tail of Diamondcut perhaps its only a matter of time before hes brought in to be asked these questions. 

As Meister said himself 

"However, seeing that he fled, as well as the message he sent me after his escape, it is certain that he has something to hide, and we will find out what this little secret is."

I am sure we would all love to know what this secret is. 

TBA in Turn Around
Posted by Kirrana
Wed, 06 March 2002 24:00:00 Universal

In a state of some confusion TBA have retracted their statement on the strike. TBA acting public relations officer Reznoir tried to clear up the matter and refuted the validity of the first statement. This action has lead to Tisantous being removed from the role and even TBA.

Acting director of public relations for THB/TBA, Trent "Reznoir" Sotto today denied that TBA are on strike.

Reznoir refutes the information printed in the Rubi-Ka Times two days ago, and hits out at former department member Sid Tisantous Saar. "In no way, shape or form was Tisantous (former member and Directior of Public Relations for the TBA) ever given authorisation to say that the TBA was going on strike, we have no intention to go on strike now or in the near future," Reznoir stated.

The news comes in the wake of Tisantous' resignation from the TBA. "I had observed TBA for some time and was sickened by their constant attack on their own brethren and our beloved leader Mr. Ross, Then they attacked the very law force that protects us all. That is when I had seen enough and knew something had to be done," Tisantous commented when asked about his resignation.

Tisantous claims to have infiltrated TBA over the course of a few weeks in order to undermine its operation. "I acted in the best interest of the company, compromising my morals and standards to rid Omni-Tek in some form of this traitorous faction," he added.

TBA refuted the validity of Tisantous' statements and spoke out in defense of its members. "We would also like to state for the record that Tisantous was also going around posing as an Official for both the TBH and TBA which he was not and that anything he has done was unauthorized by the TBH/TBA. He has since been handled accordingly and is no longer a member of the TBH/TBA.

We apologise for any inconvenience to all TBA members and associates affected by this issue and we would like to express our gratitude to all the many people that stand with us in our cause."


However what I find strange is that it took almost 2 full days for TBA to retract this statement. If it was incorrect why the delay, and why the TBA guilds have a meeting before a retraction was made. I can only guess but to me it appears not all TBA guilds are thinking along the same lines and the retracted statement is an appeasement to the less extreme guilds. It could of course just be one rogue PR person acting on his own I guess we will never know ?

New Face in Town but not a Welcome One
Posted by Kirrana
Tue, 05 March 2002 24:00:00 Universal

As some of you may already know in addition to the work I do as a reporter I also look after the club baboons. I have been doing it and running events for so long that it feels like I own the club. But in truth this is rather big headed of me as the club has and always will belong to the people of Rubi-ka. I sort of look after the admin side of things. 

I had heard rumors in the last few days of a chap called Dave "Diamondcut" Duster (erm duster where have we heard that name before oh well) has claimed to of taken ownership of the club.  Tonight I found out these rumors had some truth as I meet up with Mr Diamondcut who you can see from the photo is not a nice sort of chap you want running anything let alone a club like baboons.

As Mr Diamondcut put in a slang accent rather like the old east end London gangster "I'm 'ere to run this place now".

Yes quite as the typical gangster he went on to offer bribes to the Omni-Pol officer Razorgil whom to the respect of the crowd turn down Diamonds offer.

I suggested that Mr Ross might not take kindly to Mr Diamond stepping in and just taking over the club, a move which is sure to upset a population already not a 100% behind Mr Ross. To my surprise this did little to stop him as he explained.

"Mr Ross condones my actions...

Dave "Diamondcut" Duster

I find it hard to believe Mr Ross would let such a person take ownership of the club one might have thought him rather more worried about the latest guild actions than entertainment ones.

Diamondcut and his hired bodyguard Jaalen did go with Omni-Pol who put them under arrest to  take them into Omni HQ for further questioning. However Diamondcut was able to somehow able to vanish around the omni ent wompa while jaalen appeared to use some illegal speed stim enabling him to out run me.

So at present these two criminals remain at large and the mystery of Diamondcut's appearance on Rubi-ka continues.

Tomorrow I hope to speak to Meister head of Omni-Pol to see if I can get his view of events and hopefully shed some light on the subject.

TBA Public Relations Officer Interviewed
Posted by Kirrana
Tue, 05 March 2002 12:00:00 Universal

In something of a first for the Omni-Tek Command site we have our first interview kindly granted to us by Tisantous public Relations Officer. I am sure you will agree it makes interesting reading.

Alright, for the record, I am Sid Tisantous Saar, Director of TBA Public Relations

Kirrana: I am Kirrana and for the purpose of this meeting a reporter for the Omni tek grid site Omni command

Kirrana: Ok so I guess I should start as to why TBA thinks a strike is in order at this time ?

Tisantous: TBA feels it is best to lay down our arms and withdraw all services to Omni-Tek in order to send a clear, stern message to Mr. Ross that we will not tolerate inaction towards clan threats that continue to grow, that we will not allow further lack of action in our Administration. If he wishes for Omni-Tek to be defended and this strike to end, he must act and respond.

Kirrana: But have TBA not always wished to see the clan destroyed despite Ross's attempt at peace with the clans why should you chose this time to make such as demand ?

Tisantous: Simply put, TBA has grown weary of seeing the severe lack of leadership. We are a collective of action, as all employees who work for Omni-Tek are, however a being can only beat his head against the brick wall for so long until he sees that it hurts, and a new course of breaking down that wall is needed. Mr. Ross needs to support and back up his employees, not just pacify us with charismatic words, remember "actions speak louder than words"

Pic Tisantous PR TBA

Tisantous: We at TBA feel that this may happen to awaken the powerful leader we know, and cause him to act and protect his commodity

Tisantous: That is the sole purpose for this Strike.

Kirrana: But have TBA not always wished to see the clan destroyed despite Ross's attempt at peace with the clans why should you chose this time to make such as demand ?

Tisantous: Simply put, TBA has grown weary of seeing the severe lack of leadership. We are a collective of action, as all employees who work for Omni-Tek are, however a being can only beat his head against the brick wall for so long until he sees that it hurts, and a new course of breaking down that wall is needed. Mr. Ross needs to support and back up his employees, not just pacify us with charismatic words, remember "actions speak louder than words"

Tisantous: We at TBA feel that this may happen to awaken the powerful leader we know, and cause him to act and protect his commodity

Tisantous: That is the sole purpose for this Strike.

Kirrana: We have heard about splits in TBA, with some guilds not fully supporting some actions as the attack on Omni Pol. Are all TBA guilds fully behind this strike ?

Tisantous: As of right now, all of TBA is on strike. Those rumors shall end now. TBA will remain and thrive and continue to influence Rubi-Ka for the betterment of Mr.Ross and Omni-tek Corp.

Tisantous: But sometimes tough love is in order.

Kirrana: TBA have been rather out spoken about Ross in the past. This has angered many of the other Omni-tek guilds. OTSEC have been so upset by your actions as enforce a trade ban on TBA. Are you not worried about causing more splits in Omni-Tek and play into the hand of the clans. 

Tisantous: I can not deny that TBA has had strong opinions about Ross, and perhaps at the time they were not handled accordingly, but that was before I arrived. As for OTSEC, if the commanders of this faction wish to see more internal disputes and petty squabbling amongst Omni-Tek employees, then by all means enforce a trade ban, TBA will not suffer as a result and will continue on as usual. It is now that we, as employees, must stand and unify, all differences aside, and make certain our leaders have our best interest at heart. 

Kirrana: So you talk of action from Ross and Omni-Tek but what do you expect him and Omni-Tek to do ?

Tisantous: To increase security in Omni-tek territories, to investigate any clan terrorist threats, to send military forces to terminate all opposition, and above all to dig into and uncover the link between the Council of Truth, Dust Brigade, Red Freedom, and Sol Banking.

Kirrana: Those are rather big claims to make does TBA have any proof to back up these links ?

Tisantous: Certainly.

Kirrana: Are you willing to share this information with the rest of Rubi-ka such a claim is bound to upset the clans and Sol Banking. 

Tisantous: I have a detailed report of my eye witness accounts that link the Council of Truth and Henry Radiman with Red Freedom and a third party. As far as sharing it with the public, if Omni-Tek and Mr. Ross wish to see this report, as I have made them aware of it, they may contact me and I will gladly deliver. Or perhaps you would like a copy?

Kirrana: Yes I would be interested as I am sure Mr Ross would be to, not to mention the guild leaders and the rest of rubi-ka

Tisantous: Well then, I call it "The Tisantous Report" And perhaps I can arrange a copy to come across your desk shortly at the conclusion of this interview.

Kirrana: OK one last question then. Ross is not known for giving into threats or even talking when such responses are made. The question is what will TBA do next if Ross and Omni-Tek fails to meet your demands ?

Tisantous: I promise this: If Ross and Omni-Tek fail to respond and act accordingly, TBA will act for them. How I can not detail, but I assure you, it will be severe. The strike will continue, but there will be TBA action, mark my words.

Kirrana: Thanks for taking the time to grant me an interview I am sure people will now have a better understanding of TBA position. I guess we will all wait until Ross responses.

Tisantous: Indeed.

TBA and Omni-Tek
Posted by Kirrana
Tue, 05 March 2002 12:00:00 Universal

In response to TBA's strike Equimon of Great Paladine Core has condemmed the strike, claiming TBA's past action of attacking the Omni guards is perhaps one reason they have not been to deal with the clan attacks. However he has come out in support of TBA's request to see more action from Ross. This could turn out to be rather a bad week for Mr Ross and its only Tuesday.

To Mr.Tisantous and the TBA: Strike? Omni-Pol doing nothing?

Well, if your other TBA friends wasn't so busy attacking Omni-Pol guards we'd actually get the job done. Just look at the day when Commander Scarney got attacked by Azazzel! In the heart of Omni-1 Entertainment. Do you call that justified?

We at Great Paladine Core don't think it is. And I think I speak for a lot out there when we want Omni-Pol to act, and most of all Phillip Ross. But TBA going on strike is not even worth it. I'd really like to know why you guys are attacking guards, Scarney and other people in Omni-Tek. Just because clanners kill our employees, doesn't mean you have to.

To CEO Phillip Ross: You to need to come to a conclusion soon, and act. We can not sit idly by and wait for things to happen. And I urge Omni-Pol to seek out and find Dust Brigade bases/headquarters. Enough lifes, both Omni and clanners, as well as neutrals have gone lost due to the Dust Brigade assassinations and raids.

Just think of this: We get Dust Brigade raiding as far as into the heart of Omni-1 Entertainment, killing dozens upon dozens of people. They even got as far as our OTFL meeting a few weeks ago. And still you have no leads?

At least someone have to make a statement soon. What about those poor souls either too old or too young for insurance technology?

Another thing is...why hasn't TBA been apprehended for attacking Omni-Tek presonnel and Omni-Pol Commander Scarney?

Lets hope CEO Ross and Omni-Tek will take action soon. If not...we'll have to either take our own action, as I regret to say, as TBA is. I just hope I never have to cross Omni-Tek to protect my own department, but as of now, that is what is starting to happen.

If neutrality was an option I'd be having a pawn shop in Newland years ago.

Dino Equimon Thompon
-Great Paladine Core

TBA on Strike: A Message to Ross
Posted by Kirrana
Mon, 04 March 2002 00:00:00 Universal

The  organization, The Black Alliance a collection of some 10 guilds have announced due to a lack of action from Omni-Tek CEO Philip Ross they have decided to go on strike. In an act of defiance they have downed arms and with drawn their services from Omni-Tek until Mr Ross takes action against  what TBA claim are growing clan threats.

There comes a time when the senseless slaughter of innocent Omni-Tek employees becomes too much to bear. When we see our own law enforcement sitting back with their hands beneath them while lives are lost daily at the hands of clan members, it is a sad day.

And when the leaders of our great company sit idly by while the loyal Omni employees suffer and become targets for clan terrorism, that is when we must draw the line.

Mr. Philip Ross, to you we implore: Do not just speak with a few charismatic words, but act. To this date we have not seen you in any way send militaristic operations to respond to any of the growing clan threats. And for this we, The Black Alliance, officially go on strike. It shall be this way until you Mr. Ross not only speak with promised actions, but also, then produce the actual response so we may once again feel that we have you and Omni-Pol for support. Until then, TBA will no longer offer its services to respond to any clan attacks on Omni-Tek, and we urge all Omni-Tek employees to stand and shout in one voice that we require more than just words, we require swift and stern action from our leader and commander, Mr. Philip Ross. It seems that the ultimatum given weeks ago only spurned another verbal response, thus far no increase in security, no efforts to investigate clan terrorism or its ties with the Council of Truth, and no steps taken to end the murdering of Omni employees. Is this what you envisioned Mr. Ross?

It is time you take action sir, and we promise that when you do we shall return to duty as we always have. But until then, we withdraw our services in full. We call for your response and action Mr. Ross.

From -Sid Tisantous Saar Director of TBA Public Relations


At the present time Ross has failed to comment on this issue but he is bound to be concerned at this turn of events. There has already been splits between the Omni-Tek guilds in disagreements on the clan situation, this latest move is bound to fuel the requests from the other guilds for the removal of TBA from Omni-Tek.

Splits in OTSEC leads to confusion on Trade Boycott
Posted by Kirrana
Mon, 04 March 2002 20:00:00 Universal

In a surprising turn of events the trade boycott announced by Miester of OTSEC is not as clear cut as it seems. It appears Miester has rather spoken out of turn which perhaps hints at underlying differences in OTSEC guilds. OTSEC member and guild leader of Omni Shadow Ops Zyxlquith has tried to clear up the matter by explaining OTSEC was looking to release an official press item later in the week. Hinting at what this press release may contain Zyxlquith explains. "the trade boycott is just a recommendation to the OTSEC guild members some but by no means all TBA members would qualify as criminals" 

The purpose of which is to highlight to Omni-Tek guilds that past actions of TBA will not be stood for by OTSEC. I got the feeling that boycott has been a measure to placate the more active guilds in OTSEC also. So it would appear for Miester at least this did not go far enough and he decided to take the matter into his own hands.  

TBA have shown little concern over this ban, General Spydervenom of TBA is quoted as saying "TBH is a self-contained guild. We have no need to rely on anybody else to purchase equipment, buffs."

I am sure this battle is not just going to disappear I guess we all hold our breath until the OTSEC press release comes out.

OTSEC Enforces Trade Boycott on TBA
Posted by Kirrana
Mon, 04 March 2002 15:00:00 Universal

In a move which is bound to increase tensions between the the Omni-Tek factions the newly formed Omni-Tek Security Council (OTSEC) have announced its members are to withdraw from trading with any guilds in TBA.  This act comes on the back of TBA's run in with Omni Pol a few weeks ago. However TBA subsequent to this action announced a non aggression pact, while Omni-Pol where quiet on such matters it appears OTSEC remains unconvinced by this and still regards Azzazel and Ugluk as criminals.

The new Omni-Tek Website Opens
Posted by Kirrana
Sun, 03 March 2002 18:00:00 Universal

Well today we start a new site the Omni-Tek Command 

Until I able to put a message board up for the site use the official board to post any comments. I am hoping to add a few guilds over the next week so check back to see if I have had chance to put yours up yet.

Or contact me in game as Kirrana or at